Potty Humor Inside (Just a warning!)

So, I know its been a few weeks since I’ve posted any pictures or updates on the kids, I’ve been swamped with seniors and weddings.  I should be coming up for air at the beginning of June, hopefully!

I did take some pictures of them playing outside today that I’ll try and blog soon, but to hold you over, here’s a rather crude “Haydenism” that Wade said I should blog!

I was scratching Hayden’s back when he asked me to and he started to get goose bumps, he asked what that was when I said it, so I tickled his neck and showed him the bumps on his arms … he says “Oh, when I poo sometimes those come out and it hurts.”

Nice, thanks for the info son!

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Conversation with my boy


Another Haydenism for you:

On the way to school this morning, Hayden starts talking about a restaurant that we went to “before that wedding” … I think he was talking about a wedding I shot in Pensacola over 1 1/2 years ago.   Anyway, he asked what a “ring bear” was.  I explained as best as I could and he was quiet for a second.  Then he asked what a “carcheedo” is … hmmm.  That one took a second of thought … then I realized he meant tuxedo LOL  He’s so funny when he tries to pronounce big words :-)

And just because I have some photos that I haven’t shared and my kids both have the most luscious eyelashes:



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For the daddy’s that need them …

Hayden and I spent the afternoon going through the toys in his room and choosing ones he no longer plays with to give to kids that need them.  He kept asking to play with the blocks we had put aside so I explained to him that there are some kids that do not have any toys and how would he feel if he didn’t have any toys?

Later on this evening, Wade was going through his drawers and throwing out things he doesn’t use anymore.  He handed a pair of very old and very holey underwear to Hayden and asked him to put them in the trash.

Hayden says “Daddy, can we give these to the daddy’s that need them?”


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