“M” for Monster – Mommy School

Emelyn and I have started Mommy School and have been working on it casually over the last 2 weeks.  Alison, the creator of Mommy School, is generous enough to allow you to download her packets for free.  She is gradually adding letters, and since we are taking about 2 weeks for each letter, I think we’ll be ok for a while!  The packet includes ideas for art, science, math, activities, songs, snacks, books and also include links to print outs and some print outs of her own.  We had a great time with the “M for Monster” pack over the last couple of weeks.  I sat down a while back and mapped out which activities we’d do each day as well as a list of supplies needed.  Emelyn and I went shopping for all the supplies at one time and I tried to make as many preparations before as I could.  I wound up typing up each days activities and slipping them along with any print outs into page protectors into a binder.  Once we are finished with a letter, I slip any additional supplies I had along with any pre-made activities into the pockets and plan to pass it on to my sister so she can  use it for my niece.

We are being very laid back and casual, having lots of fun.  In addition to “M,” we’ve done activities with the number 8 and squares.  Some of the stuff takes a bit more preparation than others, like the flannel board activities, but its all fun and worth it!  Here are some of our activities over the last couple of weeks:

One of our first activities was to search for colored google eyes in play dough and sort them onto colored monsters.  Em enjoyed this and after finding them all, she glued them onto each monster and counted the eyes.

We visited the library on the hunt for MONSTER books and Em played on the touch screen computers while I checked out the shelves:

She made flannel board monsters out of various felt shapes:

Created shape monsters using colored foam shapes, google eyes and markers:

We now own a plethora of google eyes:

We did another flannel board activity where Em had to feed a monster felt shapes when I called them out in a song:

And we made Monster Cookies which are called that because of all the ingredients in them (peanut butter, choco chips AND mms) …

We did plenty of other activities over the couple of weeks but didnt’ take photos. Next, we are moving on to “I for Insect!”

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Pumpkin Pie Playdough

Today marks our first full week of homeschool – yes, I decided to pull Hayden out of preschool and teach him myself.  To make a long story short, he seemed bored and wasn’t enjoying it as much as he did last year and I felt it would be much more beneficial to him to spend the time one-on-one with me, learning things he’d enjoy learning about.  I gave it a lot of thought and so far, its been great for us both.  We have been following a curriculum called Letter of the Week and are really enjoying it.  Its enabled me to focus on Hayden’s strengths and weaknesses.  I’ll try to keep things updated here with different projects and stuff, but who knows how that’ll go :-)

Anyway, another benefit to homeschooling Hayden is that I find lots of fun projects for both him and Emelyn to do.  Last week, we kept it kind of simple, doing a lot of coloring and making paper bag puppets.  Today, I saw on my friend Stephanie’s blog that she and her daughter made this pumpkin pie playdough and I thought the kids would enjoy.  I gave them each half with a couple of plastic utensils and it kept them busy for almost an hour!  Emelyn really enjoyed “tutting” (cutting).  Thanks Steph, for the suggestion and yes, it really does smell great!

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