“M” for Monster – Mommy School

Emelyn and I have started Mommy School and have been working on it casually over the last 2 weeks.  Alison, the creator of Mommy School, is generous enough to allow you to download her packets for free.  She is gradually adding letters, and since we are taking about 2 weeks for each letter, I think we’ll be ok for a while!  The packet includes ideas for art, science, math, activities, songs, snacks, books and also include links to print outs and some print outs of her own.  We had a great time with the “M for Monster” pack over the last couple of weeks.  I sat down a while back and mapped out which activities we’d do each day as well as a list of supplies needed.  Emelyn and I went shopping for all the supplies at one time and I tried to make as many preparations before as I could.  I wound up typing up each days activities and slipping them along with any print outs into page protectors into a binder.  Once we are finished with a letter, I slip any additional supplies I had along with any pre-made activities into the pockets and plan to pass it on to my sister so she can  use it for my niece.

We are being very laid back and casual, having lots of fun.  In addition to “M,” we’ve done activities with the number 8 and squares.  Some of the stuff takes a bit more preparation than others, like the flannel board activities, but its all fun and worth it!  Here are some of our activities over the last couple of weeks:

One of our first activities was to search for colored google eyes in play dough and sort them onto colored monsters.  Em enjoyed this and after finding them all, she glued them onto each monster and counted the eyes.

We visited the library on the hunt for MONSTER books and Em played on the touch screen computers while I checked out the shelves:

She made flannel board monsters out of various felt shapes:

Created shape monsters using colored foam shapes, google eyes and markers:

We now own a plethora of google eyes:

We did another flannel board activity where Em had to feed a monster felt shapes when I called them out in a song:

And we made Monster Cookies which are called that because of all the ingredients in them (peanut butter, choco chips AND mms) …

We did plenty of other activities over the couple of weeks but didnt’ take photos. Next, we are moving on to “I for Insect!”

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Treat Tuesday

Hayden started summer camp shortly after we got home from Disney … 2 days later, actually.  It was from 9-3 every day through the end of the summer with one week off.  It did so much for him and I feel like he grew up so much (not sure that’s really a good thing, except I think he’ll do great in school this year) but I started to realize that I was losing my last bit of time with him before he started school.  One day in July, I kept him home from camp and decided to have “Treat Tuesday” where we just did lots of fun projects together.  I had just recently found and gotten addicted to Pinterest and there are so many great ideas on there for projects to do with kids.  I picked a handful of them an we started the day by shopping for the necessary ingredients we would need.  After the shopping, I asked the kids where they wanted to eat and Hayden picked Chik Fil A, so we met Wade there and let them play.  Later that afternoon, we gathered in the kitchen to start our fun, but messy playtime!

We started out with dirt cups and I think their favorite part was the gummy worms … they both ate several!  They crushed Oreos up with cans and got to build their own little dirt cups.  We put them in the fridge to set and save for after dinner … yummy!



Then we put on bathing suits and headed outside for some fun projects. We started out with bubble painting, which Em seemed to love, but they both loved just blowing bubbles into the cups more than the “painting” part.




The paint was a bit too light to see and the kids got bored with that part pretty quickly, but it wasn’t long before they had dipped their hands into the cups and started finger painting!





Both were a bit tenative at first, since mommy doesn’t usually allow such messiness ;-)  But it wasn’t long before they really got into it!



Both of them still have some residual Oreos on their faces ;-)


From there, we moved onto pudding finger painting … this didn’t quite work out the way I had planned because I didn’t realize I was out of food coloring. I gave them some chocolate, vanilla and attempted to make purple with Koolaid, but it didn’t turn out right.


Hayden didn’t mind and he also had no intentions of painting on paper … he wanted to body paint!


He REALLY got a kick out of this:


Emelyn wasn’t so into it:



She moved on to bubbles quite quickly, this was her favorite part:



We had also made our own bubbles, also from a post I saw on Pinterest:



Overall, it was a really messy and fun day. The kids had a blast and so did I, its so nice to spend time with them having fun and just being carefree!

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