Home Sweet Home

We’ve been in our house, officially for a month now and things are really feeling like home.  We’ve still got a good ways to go

, but we’re getting there!  Our kitchen is pretty much finished and set up except for the microwave and one wall that needs something.  There is a huge picture at Target that I’d love to get for the space.  I like this one but I’m still looking around for something bistro-ish.  Most of our kitchen has fleur de lis all around it as well, so it would be nice to find some art with one in it.

The living room is still pretty bare.  We will be ordering our love seat next week, finally.  I’m so happy that we’ll have extra seating now!  We started putting up some pictures last night, but Wade and I don’t agree on what to put up and where, so that is put on hold right now.  We still need some tables for in there and a sofa table to go by the entry way.  We’ll also be getting a big 70-gallon aquarium to put on the wall by the french doors  (that’s Wade’s idea and project).  We also still need to get a large piece of carpet to cover most of the floor so that Hayden can run around in there without getting hurt.  Oh, and we ordered dark bamboo blinds for the windows and found some curtains at Target that we like, but our Target was out of them.  We have to go to another Target to get them.

Next is our guest bedroom / office, which has a long way to go.  We’ll be getting the bedroom furniture that I had as a kid and I’m going to refinish it an antique black.  There are two dressers, one with a hutch, full length mirror and night stand.  Once we get our bedroom furniture we’ll put the bed that we have now in there.  My desk will stay  in there as well.

Hayden’s room needs to be painted and I need to start purchasing all the stuff for it.  I’ve decided to do a vintage/retro car theme in his room.  I usually don’t like cartoon themed rooms, but I found this really cute Car bedding set at Walmart for only 35.00.  I like it b/c its kind of muted and not too cartoon-ish.  I’m not sure what colors I’ll do the wall yet, but I think I want to do a racing stripe around the center.  I also want to get some large shelves and start collecting old cars to put on them.  I plan to check Ebay for old license plates as well, to put on the wall.  He loves cars so I think he’ll really like his room when I’m finished with it.

Our room needs a lot done because we don’t have our furniture yet.  We’ve found a set we like at Ashley furniture, but it will probably take us a while to get all the pieces we want because they are kind of expensive.  We really like it b/c its very large-scale, which we need because our room is so big.  We’ve already got a brown and blue bedspread which are the same colors we have throughout our bathroom.  I’m so anxious to get the furniture, though, I think it will be beautiful when we’re all done with it.  Wade is really excited about these antique curtain rods that he found.  They have fleur de lis on them and swing out from the wall, really neat!

Outdoors we have some projects as well.  Next weekend, Wade is supposed to work on the fence.  We are pulling the left side up closer to the front of the house so that we can eventually put a door from the kitchen into the backyard and have a patio out there.  We are also closing in the right side and putting a gate.  We want to break up a portion of the concrete in front and repour just a small walkway, then put a railing along the porch and make a garden in front.  We’ve dug out the outline of the front yard garden and have started killing the grass.  We’ll get some top soil delivered and beging building up and planting.  Wade also wants to plant a tree in the backyard and 2 trees in the front yard.  Its a lot of money and work owning a home, but so satisfying to see everything come together!

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