Menu Plan Monday – Easy Week

I had an easy time with menu planning this week, which is always nice.  Wade is off on a business trip, so even though that would usually mean take-out for me, I’m still on my cruise diet and ate too much crap this weekend, so I have to figure out something to cook tonight.  We are also missing Emelyn, since she’s with my mom until tomorrow, so Hayden and I are on our own.

Monday – 7 Layer Dip Tostadas – we’ll do them without meat today so I don’t really have to cook, or I could use our leftover Barbacoa Beef (which was absolutely delicious, we all loved it.  I actually put it on biscuits for the kids that we had leftover from the morning and told them it was roast beef LOL … Hayden brought one for lunch the next day!)

Tuesday – Crockpot Chicken Fajitas – this is a recipe I pulled to cook in the last couple of weeks, but never got around to, so we’ll try it this week

Wednesday – Inside Out Lasagna – another one from weeks past that didn’t get made and I already have a couple of the ingredients that I won’t use in anything else (ricotta cheese)

Thursday – 7 Layer Dip Tostadas – I’ll go ahead and have these again since Wade missed out on Monday and this time I’ll add some turkey taco meat

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Menu Plan … Tuesday

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day, considering it was so wet and dreary.  This weekend was so nasty outside with Tropical Storm Lee parking himself over us for 4 days, yuck!  Wade and Hayden were literally stranded down at the camp, the water came up very near the camp and it looked like they were on an island.  My dad’s camp did get a bit of water, probably about an inch and he hasn’t gotten down there to check it out yet.  Wade and Hayden had to drive on the levee to get home because the Hwy was flooded from a levee overtopping.

Anyway, we are all home now, Hayden’s off to school, Em has a nasty runny nose and I’m anxious to go ride my bike in the beautiful weather we are having today … first things first, though – must menu plan, mommy school plan, take care of some work things, grocery shop and clean the house a bit.  I also wanted to wait until it warmed up a tad (strangely enough) because of Em being sick, I didn’t want cool air blowing on her.

So our menu for this shortened week is the following.  All new things we are trying – I enjoy trying new recipes, it keeps cooking from getting boring and monotonous.  I also like the idea of building up my meal box so that I have plenty of  “go-to” meals in the future.

Tuesday:  Sesame Encrusted Baked Chicken Tenders with Roasted Corn – this was really good, got a thumbs up from everyone, Wade said it was a keeper!

Wednesday:  Barbacoa Beef (man I miss Chipotle, I hope it tastes just like it)

Thursday:  Stir Fry Chicken with Corn  Relish (this is actually a shrimp dish, but I’m going to use chicken instead because I don’t like peeling shrimp!)

Have a happy shortened work week!

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Food Friday

Well, I did do a Menu Plan for this week, but didn’t get around to posting it and I didn’t take pictures of the food we ate, so I’ll just link to the recipes we tried.  We had a fairly laid-back week and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend, despite all the rain.  I’m going to make a post soon with some details about what we’ve been up to but for now, here are some recipes we enjoyed this week:

Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta – which we had with whole wheat bowtie pasta.  No one was very impressed – it wasn’t creamy and it certainly wasn’t Cajun.  Just tasted like chicken spaghetti.  Oh, the kids ate this pretty well, but they usually eat any kind of spaghetti.

Baked Lump Crab Cakes with Red Pepper Chipotle Lime Sauce – I don’t think I ever met a crab dish that I didn’t lik – Wade said it would have been better with some Cajun seasoning and I agree, but I also liked it as it was.  I just ate one for lunch that I had leftover, very yummy!  Not a favorite of the kids, but we can’t usually get them to eat crab anyway.

Beef and Bean Chile Verde – this was a pretty good dish which we ate with tortilla chips but agreed it would be great in crunchy tacos. Emelyn ate it up, she loved it, even though it was a little spicy.  We topped it with cheese and cilantro and I smashed up the beans in my own and in Emelyns.  Very yummy!

And that was it for the week, unless you want to count the Monster Cookies we made today!

Emelyn and I have been doing Mommy School, which I found through Pinterest (if you aren’t on Pinterest yet, you must join NOW!)  I’m not sure if they just weren’t mixed well (after they were in the oven, I transferred the rest of the batter from the mixer to a ziplock and there were large areas where you could tell it hadn’t mixed too well) or if they just aren’t that good, but they were just OK.  I’m not sure if the kids will like them, Em didn’t eat hers and Hayden hasn’t tried yet.  They were just kind of bland, despite having peanut butter, chocolate chips AND MMs in them!

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