Riding out the Storm

Labor Day weekend wasn’t such a beautiful weekend considering TS Lee parked himself over South Louisiana and dumped a ton of rain on us all.  Hayden and Wade had headed down to the camp to spend the weekend with his dad and Michael so Em and I headed to mom and dad’s to spend the weekend with them.  We had intended to go to the camp on Saturday, but the roads got flooded and the rain was so heavy that we couldn’t make it down there.  It was a weekend of sitting around, trying to keep kids occupied and adults from going crazy.  Mandy and I were able to get a little shopping done on Saturday between squalls (or whatever they call them … one weatherman said “petty showers” whatever that is).


Yes, my niece Avery is still the sweetest and most gorgeous baby ever. She actually falls asleep on anyone and then … get this … lets you put her down in a crib! Out of the 5 grandchildren, she’s the only one that does that!! Its amazing to see LOL

Grammy set up a special Princess tea party for the girls:

And they got to play in the rain

While watching the LSU game on Saturday night, Avery learned the ins and outs of the IPad:

On Monday, we went to my grandparents house so that I could go through some boxes of things that were mine. While walking up the porch steps, we noticed this in the concrete … my 2 year old footprint :-)

And finally, on the way home that afternoon, the sun came out … we hadn’t seen it in almost 4 days!

What a dull, gray, wet weekend that was! But there was good company and plenty of good food (mom cooked roast and chili, dad cooked us some chicken and sausage gumbo).

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