Snapshots and an iPhone

A couple of weeks ago, I finally caved and got an IPhone.  I was always one of those devoted Droid fans who said I did NOT want to get an iPhone, ever.  But after debating for literally 3 months about what phone I would upgrade to (I had an original Motorola Droid), I finally just decided to make an easy decision and get an iPhone 4.  There were several Android phones I was going back and forth with and just could not make up my mind.  I wanted simplicity, but I wanted all of the features I loved in my Droid …  once I figured out that I could still have turn by turn GPS navigation, streaming Netflix, Skype and plenty of other things I wanted, I decded to do the iPhone.  The kids have iPods and Wade has an iPhone, so it just made sense.  Yes, I do love it though its taking some getting used to … I hate that it doesn’t really multitask …a couple of examples I have come across is that I can’t download my Audible books and do anything else, if I close the app, its stops downloading.  There is also a cap on the phone which doesn’t allow me to download books and apps over 20MB without connecting to WiFi – I HATE HATE HATE this feature.  I’m on Verizon, so I have unlimited data and should be able to do this … many people don’t care about this, but I do, I did it often, especially with audiobooks in the car.  Also, when I was riding my bike yesterday, I had my bike GPS running and couldn’t use that and Rhasody at the same time, annoying.  I’ll get used to it though, I love much more about it than I hate, I guess, especially the ease and entertainment of taking pics with it!

I love Instagram and Hipstamatic and use it several times a day just to document what we’ve been doing.  I love being able to scroll through my pics and remember what we did each day, then I can go back and post about it here :-)

A couple of weekends ago, we all stayed at my parents’ house so we could attend a couple of birthday parties.  My mom was watching Adalyn and Ethan, too, so the kids got to hang out and play all weekend:

Mom taught Em and Addie how to play jacks:

At one birthday party, the kids got to play on a water slide and at the next one, they had a fun jump … it was a fun weekend for both of them!

Emelyn even got to see her future husband:

I’ve already posted about our Mommy School activities, which is mostly what Em and I have been up to.  She also had to accompany me to a bridal session last week at Oaklawn Manor in Franklin.  I was a bit nervous about it, but it was a rescheduled session and in the morning, so I couldn’t really find a babysitter or reschedule again.  I knew that most likely she would be ok and was really only worried that she would get clingy and whiny, wanting me to hold her.  I packed a bag of snacks and loaded up my phone with games.  Thankfully, the bride and her mom, as well as the lady who works at Oaklawn, were very sweet and liked having her there.  She sat back most of the time and ate her snacks or played on the phone.  She was very, very good even though she did sit on some very old (100 year +) furniture and make herself comfortable with her snacks LOL

She got a bag of Skittles as a treat for being so good and fell asleep on the way home with them still in her hand:

Hayden’s open house was last Thursday and my mom came to stay with the kids so we could go (a whole 15 minutes, quite useless in my opinion). Em went home with mom that night, so Hayden had us to himself all weekend, which he really enjoyed. Friday night, Gabi and Mike came over and we stayed up very late playing Dance Central. Hayden stayed up with us until after midnight and the next day, fell asleep watching TV in bed with me around 3pm. I still love watching him sleep.

When he woke up, he spent some time snuggling mommy and daddy and we all stayed up late once again because he had slept until 6pm.

This past week, Em and I did some more mommy school and lots of shopping / errand running. On Monday morning, I wanted to visit a little kids boutique in Thibodaux but we got there way before it opened, so I took Em to the library, which has a boardwalk along the bayou. We watched the ducks, climbed up and down the stairs and walked around, back and forth.

That afternoon, there was some excitement at Hayden’s school when 6 firetrucks pulled up as we were waiting for him to get out of school. It turned out to be a faulty alarm or something:

Tuesday, Em and I visited my friend Corine and her new baby, Mia. She’s so beautiful and it was great to spend some time with Corine. We don’t get together nearly enough and I miss the friendship we had years ago.

Hayden finally got a new booster seat, a Cybex X-Fix which has side impact protection and a LATCH system. Its really neat and comfy, Hayden loves it and I feel so much safer with him in it.

Em and I discovered a Pinkalicious doll on clearance at Walmart yesterday!

And I think (hope) I finally found an exercise that I enjoy – I bought myself a new bike yesterday along with a seat for Em so she can ride with me. I can’t believe how much it actually works me out, just a 15 minute ride and I was dripping with sweat LOL Emelyn loves riding with me!

Now, if we could just get rid of this so I can actually ride it:

Darn hurricane season …. it just better all go away before October 1 when we leave on our cruise!

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4th of July

July 4th weekend was a pretty busy one for us … it started out with me shooting a wedding on Friday night and family portraits on Saturday morning, in Lafayette.   I stopped in Morgan City to finish packing for our trip then headed to New Orleans to pick up Wade’s mom from the airport.  Emelyn had spent Friday night with Nanny and Saturday morning with Kelly and was becoming a bit clingy to me, but she was a good girl both times.  We went to eat at Chevy’s (yum!) then spent the night at my parents’ house.  4th of July morning, we headed down to my dad’s camp to spend the day there with family.  We had lots to eat and everyone just sat around and relaxed, it was a nice day – but I was READY for our trip!!

That evening, we said good-bye to Hayden as he and his Gigi headed to Morgan City.  Wade, Emelyn and I would spend the night at my parents’ house since our flight left at 6am the next morning.  Here are a few photos from 4th of July at the camp!

My sweet girl …

Hayden and his PaPaw

Hayden and Gigi

Hayden and Grammy

My niece, Adalyn

Emelyn and Ethan (my nephew) eating “fruit bobs” (as Hayden calls them)

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P&S Photos

A couple of months ago, Wade ordered us a small, cheap P&S for him to carry around, to the camp and just to have.  It doesn’t take good photos AT ALL, they are pretty crappy, actually – blurry, grainy, etc.  but there were a few times this weekend when I just didn’t feel like toting around my big camera, so I pulled it out.

The first  night we were there, my parents’ gave the kids their Easter baskets.  The boys each got an IPod Touch … yes, I know its excessive and yes I have made comments in the past about young kids having their own IPods but that was  before I had ever held or used one myself.  My mom got one for Christmas and the kids fight over it all the time.  We put a few kid games on it for them and they love it.  I think mom just wanted to be able to use her own IPod, so now the boys each have one!  Mandy and I took them the night before and filled them with educational preschool apps, TV shows, movies, etc.  They were both thrilled when they saw them in their baskets!  The girls got tons of precious clothes, a baby doll and some other cute things.

The other set of photos are just some more pictures from the dock, enjoy the terrible photos!

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