“Mommy’s” by Jamie Rousselle

Written by myself in about 3-4th grade:

Mommy’s are not just someone who takes care of you. She loves you. She is always there when you need her most.

Mom’s don’t just care for you. They punish you so you won’t do what you did, then you won’t get hurt.

Mom’s work hard to get money to get food and cloths for you to live healthy.

But what do you do back? You whine, cry, & sass.

Then you make your mom thinks you don’t apretiat her. She gets upset.

So you should be nice and appretiate what she does.

Write what you think about daughters.

Daughters are wonderful little things, they make their moms beautiful cards. They are a lot of work for moms, but it is worth it. Sometimes they think their moms don’t love them, and their moms pick on them. Their moms always saying clear your room, brush your hair, don’t eat that, eat your meat, but moms only do that because they care. You see I was a little daughter once, so I know what its like. But I’m glad my mom made me do all those things so that I didn’t grow up lazy.

Daughters are also fun to buy clothes for even though as you get older, our taste gets a lot different. But I understand, you should like the clothes for you. Sometimes moms can be mean, and thats apart of being human. Moms can also be wrong sometimes. Daughters can make mistakes too. Moms have to remember that.

“I love you mommy”

I love to hear that from daughters.


This little booklet is about to go up in the attic and I wanted to share it because I thought it was funny :-) I love you mom!

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Memory Lane

I mentioned before that I had gotten a couple of boxes from my grandma’s house and they’ve been sitting in our garage since I brought them home. I wanted to go through them before putting them in the attic, where I’m not likely to see them again for years. One box was full of all my old elementary school things, mostly kindergarten through 5 grade. Report cards, art, projects, certificates, worksheets – I don’t think my mom threw away anything. I think the one thing I found most interesting was all my report cards. I’ve already seen Hayden developing some habits with school that really bother me and in the past, the things that bother me most about him are the ways that he’s most like me – he’s extremely messy, stubborn, doesn’t like to be told what to do, he’s hard to wake up and very, very slow to do things. And now, apparently, his school habits are much like mine. Some of the comments that I read on almost every report card were:
– Student needs to be more responsible (not turning in homework or signed tests)
– Student can put forth more effort
– Jamie has been a bit talktative lately

And so on …. but despite this, I always had A’s and B’s, so you can’t have it all, right? :-)

Being in school for just about a month now, Hayden has already forgotten his homework, red folder and lunch box at school. He is very unorganized and I’ll often find school papers folded up and shoved to the bottom of his bag, rather than put nicely into his folder. As a parent, I’m trying so very hard to give off a “responsible, organized” vibe to his teacher. As soon as he gets home, I go through his folder and immediately take any actions I need to – signing his conduct folder, sending money for pictures or snack, filling out paperwork, whatever. I know that if I don’t do it right then and there, I’ll forget and I don’t want to be THAT PARENT :-)

Hayden seems to have a tiny bit of trouble with talking in class and in the cafeteria and last Friday, he was moved to “yellow” for “throwing game pieces and crawling around on the floor.” I just hope this isn’t behavior that continues. I made him right his teacher an “I’m sorry” note and am crossing my fingers we see all Smiley faces this week!

A few other “gems” I came across in my box … apparently, I did a photography project in 4H when I was 10. I vaguely remember it but it was fun to read over the little report I wrote:

I was a little shocked by an “I don’t like” book that I made in kindergarten. Apparently I don’t like “brochly,” spinach, or “being fat.” Um, I was far from fat in kindergarten and it makes me sad that at that age, I even thought of something like that!

Oh, and anyone who knows me well, knows that this stamp would not have meant pleasant things for me!

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Saints Training Camp

For the last few years, Wade has always mentioned wanting to go see the Saints training camp … personally, I wish football had spring training like baseball because I think its ludicris to make them work out and practice in the kind of heat we have here in South Louisiana; but what do I know?

So this past week, with Wade’s mom in town visiting, he suggested we take the kids and head out to see the Saints training camp.  I didn’t want to go and I told him so, but could see he was a little disappointed, so we decided that we would all go.  Every good day starts with a little shopping, so we headed out to get Saints shirts for Emelyn and Wade’s mom.  We stopped in Metairie for Bud’s Broiler and roast beef po-boys then headed to the Saints training facililty.

It was HOT … that pretty much sums it up.  You sit up on these uncomfortable metal bleachers with no shade and people all around you.  It wasn’t too bad at first because it was a little overcast and there was plenty of room around us, but just before they started their drills, the sun came out and the bleachers filled.  With the sun burning down on us and a crowd that didn’t allow any breeze to come through, it was pretty miserable.  Although I found it really interested and was enjoying watching the team and seeing the players up close, Em was starting to climb all over me and I knew it would only get worse.  Tammy and I took the kids and headed to the truck, leaving Wade to watch as long as he wanted.  After some huge icy drinks from McDonald’s, we were all happy and comfortable in the air-condition while we waited for Wade.

I wish we could have stayed longer and Wade said we missed the best part, but like I said, they should really change training to the spring ;-)





We were able to use our “sip and mist” bottles again, which I had bought for Disney and HIGHLY recommend! We got ours from Academy:


Love this one!



I took this for Wade – maybe he’ll want to look into buying that piece of grass his foot is on?? (haha)





The kids were both super thrilled that I let them get “real sweet tea” from McDonalds LOL


He makes me laugh LOL


His silly nostril trick … I can’t NOT laugh when he does this







Saints Training Camp 2011, a set on Flickr.

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