Hayden at 2 years old

Well, the countdown has begun, Hayden will be two in just a few short weeks! I decided that I’d try to take his portraits myself today. I had asked Corine to do them for me, but since she just had Ethan last week and is recovering from a section, I don’t really want to bother her to take them, so I gave it a shot. As you can see, I had to bribe him with a lollipop, but I’m please with how they came out. Hopefully they’ll print well! Here are some of my favorites, you can check out the gallery for all of the edited ones and can even order some of your own from there as well.

At almost 2 years old, Hayden is such a big boy!  He’s about 31lbs and about 31 inches tall.  He wears mostly 2T clothes, but some 24 month fit him, especially in pants.  He’s very tall and lean, there isn’t much fat on him at all!  I’m not sure when kids normally start to tell you when they’ve dirtied their diaper, but we’ve been drilling into Hayden’s head for months now and just in the last 2 days, he’s been telling me “poo poo” when he goes, I’m so proud!  I think that’s a step towards potty training, which we may start doing in the next couple of months.  We’re also going to work on getting rid of the paci in about a month.  Wade and I are really not looking forward to that, but we know its time.  He’s doing GREAT in his big boy bed!  Most nights, he goes to bed and stays there and sleeps throughout the whole night.  In the morning, he’s so proud of himself and if we ask if he slept in his bed all night he says “all night!”  His vocabulary is really amazing, now, and he’s so smart!  Yesterday he wanted to get in the garage for his bike, so he said  “Garage, bike” to Wade.  Wade told him it was locked, so Hayden said, “key!”  Its just amazing that he knows what “locked” means and that you can fix it with a key! lol  He still jabbers a lot about nothing, but you can understand a good bit of what he says.  He’s also started saying a few 2 word phrases like “I do,” or “Mommy do.”  He knows even more body parts now, all together he knows:  hair, head, eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth, teeth, tongue, ear, neck, back, belly, butt, arms, fingers, hands, elbow, legs, feet and knees.

We’ve been hanging out with Mary, Evan and Grant a lot and we bring the older boys to story time at the library every Wednesday.  Little by little I’ve noticed that Hayden is beginning to play with Evan and be more comfortable around him and Grant.  This morning we all walked a couple of blocks to McDonald’s to have lunch and let the boys play.  Hayden chased Evan around a bit, but still is a little too scared to crawl up in all the tubes and slides in the play area.  He was happy to just run around with other kids, though!

He’s still taking a 2 1/2 hour nap every day, which is SO nice!  He generally goes to sleep b/t 8-9 and wakes up about 7:30.  He’s getting pretty picky about food, but eats well for the most part.  He’ll go a day without eating much and then make up by eating a ton the next day.

He changes favorite movies pretty much every week.  He still loves Cars, but lately he’s been watching Finding Nemo.  His favorite shows change as well.  For a couple of weeks he loved “Dora” or “doe-dee” but lately he’s been venturing into other shows that I wouldn’t think he’d like (Little Bear and Little Bill, yuck! lol)

His favorite toys are BY FAR his cars and trains.  Just simple matchbox cars will keep him pretty busy for a while and he has a Little People school bus that he plays with a lot, so I’d like to get him some more Little People sets.

Although we read before every nap and bedtime, he isn’t that into books anymore, but I think its because he’s bored with the ones he has.  I’d love to get him a lot more “big boy” books (instead of board books) with longer stories in them.  Mommy’s getting bored of his books too!  :-)

Overall, Hayden is really a joy to have around.  Yes, he has plenty of “two year old” moments – he whines and gets frustrated really easily, he gets really wild, loves to climb on things and to generally ignore us when we tell him “no.”  But he’s so loveable and sweet.  He loves to cuddle and hug and he still gives us lots of kisses.  I love hearing his little voice call “mommy, mommy” like when we were at McD’s today and he started to run around looking to make sure I was there, calling out “mommy!”  And he adores his daddy!  Whenever Wade is home, Hayden is always right on his heels!



2 Year Pictures
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Not too much


There isn’t too much going on these days. Last week, two of my good friends both had their babies, both by c-section and within 1 day of each other. Corine went in Sunday night to be induced and had Ethan Michael by emergency c-section on Monday. You can see some pictures of him on her blog, Baby Tran. Christina went in on Tuesday for a regular doctor’s appointment, on her due date, and wound up having Elliot Joseph by c-section later that day. I’m hoping to go take some photos of him this weekend. All mommies and babies are doing great. Last Sunday I took a ride home to go visit both of them and they are perfect and beautiful babies!

This week has been pretty quiet and non-eventful. Hayden and I went to Mary’s house Monday evening to let the kids play together and we’re going to story time at the library later this morning. Hayden hasn’t gone to school this week b/c Wade’s had to be at work for 7 the last 2 days and I didn’t want to get up early to bring him. I’ll be bringing him to school tomorrow, though, hopefully he’ll do ok.

The next few weekends will be so busy for us. We’ll be going to New Orleans for birthday parties for the next couple of weeks. This weekend we have my cousin Mikaela’s 3rd birthday, my friend Tara’s little girl, Mary is turning 7 and another friend’s little boy, Tim, will be 5. The following weekend is Abigail’s 2nd birthday, she’s the one who is 9 days older than Hayden. Then the next weekend we have Grant’s 1st birthday on Saturday and Hayden’s birthday party will be Sunday!

Yesterday I had Hayden try on his Halloween costume. He’s going to be Thomas the Train. He absolutely hates wearing it, I had to bribe him with a paci and snacks to get this picture! I knew he was going to give me trouble wearing a costume which is why I chose this costume. I figured since he loves trains and since its a fairly simple costume that maybe he’d wear it. I’m hoping that once he sees everyone else in costumes, he’ll understand and want to wear it. Just in case, though, I bought him a Halloween t-shirt :-) We’ll be spending Halloween in Lafayette at Kelly’s house so that Hayden can go trick-or-treating with his cousins. I’m looking forward to it!

I also got him to try on some of his new fall clothes yesterday. So many cute things, I can’t wait for cool weather!

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