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Saturday afternoon, Mandy and I took Ethan over to Christina’s so they could see each other’s babies and so I could take some pics of Christina’s little guy, Elliott.  They were so cute when we laid them next to each other.  Neither of them fussed at all, it was like they were comforted by being next to each other.


After the little play date, we went up stairs where Christina has this really great space with amazing light, to take some pics of Elliott.


And of course, we had to stick Ethan in the basket for a few shots :-)


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Weekend Review

We had a really long and busy weekend! Friday, Wade took off of work so we could go spend the day at the camp. Hayden had a blast, he really loves going there. We took him on the boat again and this time, he really enjoyed it!

Saturday we headed to visit my mom and dad and to go to my cousin’s birthday party. After the birthday party, my sister and I went to visit Christina and Elliott. He’s such a cute baby and he and Ethan together were adorable! I took some newborn pics of him and they came out really cute!

Sunday afternoon I had lunch with Renee at Chevy’s, YUM! Then we went to Rebecca’s nephew’s bday party at Kidsport. It was fun, but Hayden wanted me next to him the whole time, he wouldn’t play unless I was right there! After the party, we headed back home, all 3 of us exhausted! Monday morning we went to the playground with Mary, Grant and Evan. From the time Hayden woke up from his nap at about 3:30, we had a rough day. He pretty much whined and cried about 75% of the time since he woke up until he went to bed. I’m not sure what’s wrong with him, but he’s also being extra clingy to me. I had to hold him pretty much all day!  He’s been like that much of the week as well.  Tuesday morning I woke up really sick.  I had some kind of stomach bug and was throwing up and in the bathroom all day.  Wade brought Hayden to school in the morning so I could get some sleep and he didn’t do very well.  He threw an all out tantrum when Wade dropped him off and Wade was almost in tears when he called me to tell me about it.  When Wade picked him up a few hours later, he was still being held by the same lady and he was still crying.  Yesterday, when we went to the library, he wanted me to hold him the whole time, even though there were firemen and a firetruck there for the kids to check out.

He’s just been extra sensitive and SO clingy!  On one hand, I’m enjoying all the extra cuddles and snuggles I keep getting, but on the other hand, it makes it really hard to get anything done.  Like right now, he’s squeezed into the smallest space on the couch next to me :-)  And he’s been sleeping with us every night, too.  He comes into the room about 1am and stays all night, which is something I want to put an end to pretty quickly!  Here are a few photos taken over the weekend, while at the camp:






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