Its October … whoa!

I realized tonight that the baby will be here really soon!  I’ve been watching the weeks tick by slowly for months now and it always seemed sooooo far away, but tonight I realize, its not that far away at all!!  Now that its October, its only a matter of a couple of weeks (hopefully) before she’s here!

This afternoon, my doctor’s office called to give me an update on our balance.  She said she spoke to the doctor and its only expected that I’ll be seen TWO MORE TIMES before I deliver … that means Thursday, then next week… wow.  I expect, though, that I’ll be seen more than that.  I really doubt I’ll go before my induction date, which is still set for October 23.  I keep saying I’m not lucky enough to go into labor on my own before that.  I think that if I didn’t schedule an induction, I’d be one of those “lucky” (HA) ones that goes 2 weeks past due! LOL

We are definitely prepared, though … at least physically.  Our car seat was just purchased for us (thank you SO MUCH Ms. Tammy and Craig!)  … so I can rest easy there.  But another thought occurred to me tonight … I need to get our hospital bags packed!  There are a few things I need to pick up for our hospital stay, so I’ll maybe do that tomorrow, then hopefully get my bag, the diaper bag and Hayden’s suitcase packed in the  next day or two.

Other than that I’m still not sleeping well, am getting frequent indigestion and my patience is still running pretty low these days.  The baby still moves quite a bit, though I can’t figure out how she has room in there.  She’s been getting hiccups on a daily basis and we can’t get Hayden to call her anything but “Pickles.”  Poor thing, that will probably be her nickname for life!!

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3.5 Weeks left??

The countdown has almost begun … when people ask how much farther I have (as they’ve been doing quite often lately), I didn’t really know until I just looked at the calendar.  I won’t really start the countdown until its less than 20 days b/c more than that just seems too long!  And the closer it seems to get, the worse my mood is becoming (so, I’m apologizing to anyone I might have been mean to or snapped at this weekend, as well as those I will still snap at in the next few weeks).  I’ll just go ahead and warn everyone – my mood is not the best right now!  I’m not sleeping well at all, I wake up several times a night and it takes me forever to fall back asleep, I’m waking up before the sun … just not a good situation.  I guess I’m being prepared for when I actually HAVE to get up like this in order to take care of a new little baby.

It seems like we have so much coming up over the next few weeks, that I think the time will just fly by.  Hayden’s birthday party is this Saturday, and I’m excited about that.  He’s so thrilled about it finally being his turn for a party and this is the first year that he understands whats going on and is excited about it.  This weekend, I ordered his cake and bought all the party supplies.  My mom ordered the favors, so he was able to see those this weekend as well.  I still need to find him some overalls (so he can look like a little train engineer), but other than that, I thinkeverything is taken care of.

The weekend after his party, is my mom’s birthday.  She has decided that she wants to spend the day with Hayden and Ethan and mentioned something about taking them to a farm across the lake, so that should be fun.  I hope the fall weather rolls around by then, it would be so nice!  The day of Hayden’s actual birthday, I’ll probably arrange some kind of playdate so he can be with other kids and maybe have a cake or something.  The next weekend, Wade’s mom comes in town and that week is when the real countdown begins!  With my induction hopefully still a go for October 23, yay!

This weekend, I was able to go to Pottery Barn and pick up a couple more things for the nursery.  I exchanged one of the crib bumpers (I received two of them) and was able to get the coverlet for the bed.  I also picked up this really cute bird mobile to hang from the ceiling (possibly in that empty corner).  They had these other really cute stuffed animals in the perfect colors that were on clearance, so Mandy bought one for the baby.  Its going to look so perfect on the shelves!  I’ll take some pictures once I have them up in the room.

After much research on The Baby Wearer, I also finally decided on and ordered the sling that I wanted, so I should be getting that later this week!  Isn’t it pretty??  I can’t wait to get it!  That means that we have pretty much all the baby “gear” we need, with the exception of the car seat.  I’ll have to talk to Wade to see when we can go ahead and get that – it really should be soon, just in case! :-)  So, we’re pretty much set and now we just wait!

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Nursery – 3/4 Complete!

I’ve pretty much got the nursery finished.  All I’m waiting on are the decals for the crib wall and maybe a few more finishing touches, but the main stuff is done.  Even though its not finished, I decided to take some photos to post, so here they are:

This is the wall that the decals will go on.  Above the crib will be a monogram of her initials (once we decide on her name).  The monogram will have two swirly birds around it.  There will also be a tree branch coming from the corner with a few more swirly birds on it.

The crib, glider and changing table were all Hayden’s when he was a baby.  I think I need to get some kind of valance for the window, but I haven’t found one yet … will probably go with light green to bring a bit more of the color into the room.

I’m not happy with this wall of the room.  There’s that big empty space right there and I don’t know what to do with it.  I think anything I put on the wall will be too much b/c of all the shevles and stuff over the changing table, so I’m not sure what will wind up there.

And a few detail shots; this is the artwork I created after seeing a similar piece on Etsy for $85.  Its just blank canvases and scrapbook paper.

Lampshade from Target and a lamp base I got on clearance at Walmart for $5!

I need to repaint the little shelf.  I painted it when I was pregnant for Hayden to match his nursery, but its a little beat up from being stored away.  Hanging from it is the baby’s coming home outfit and bonnet as well as a bonnet that Ms. Debbie gave me for my shower.  Its one of kind that turns into a bridal hankie when she gets married.

The baskets on the little shelf have socks, toys, bibs and hats in them.  The little shelf came from Target, another clearance item :-)

I will eventually rearrange all this stuff, once the baby is born and we have pictures of her, right now its just a few things we got as gifts.  The two green paintings were made by Hayden especially for “Pickles.”  The shelves were yet another clearance find.  I got them at Hobby Lobby and they were red, so I spray painted them cream.

The crib bedding is from Pottery Barn kids and is light green and white.  I only have the bumper and crib skirt right now, I’ve got to go get the quilt this weekend.  I got two bumpers at my shower, so I’m just exchanging one of them for the quilt and probably a light green toile sheet.

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