A few pictures

I’m finding it pretty hard to find time to get on the computer and have lots of pictures to sort through and edit, but here are a few taken from the day Emelyn came home to yesterday, when she got home from her hospital stay.

We’re all doing fine, just trying to learn how to juggle 2 kids, especially when one of them has decided that he won’t listen to a word we say.  Hayden has been acting out pretty badly the last couple of days.  He’s still in love with his baby sister and is as sweet as can be to her.  He just rubs her head and says, ” I love her, she so so cute” over and over again.  He always wants to be right by her.  But as far as his other behavior, he’s gotten pretty out of control.  He’s been very aggressive, throwing toys for no reason, banging toys together and just overall being very wild and rambunctious.  Its been pretty stressful.  I keep saying that after I feed Emelyn or change Emelyn, I’ll do something wtih him, then something comes up or it takes me longer than expected.  I did manage to bring him to the park for a little while yesterday evening, then we went to Sonic for some fruit juice slushes.  We were riding with the windows down, which he loved, he kept waving to everyone (and everything) we passed.  The second we walked int he door, though, he started acting up again. :-(

I do have some pictures of him from the park as well as a bunch more of Emelyn that I’ll post as soon as I can.  I’m going to try to take her newborn portraits today, so I’m hoping she’ll be just as sleepy as she was yesterday so she’ll cooperate!

In their matching jammies

Trying to get some sun (before going to the doctor, I knew she was looking yellow and tried to put her in the sun often)

Wade says she has “vicious” yawns LOL

Hayden couldn’t wait to hold her when we got home yesterday

Getting some sun and a little newborn smile

Watching over his baby sister

This is where her IV was, she has two big bruises on the tops of each hand where they tried to do the IV but couldn’t get it in :-(

She makes some funny sleepy faces

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Looking Good

So far, things are looking good for us to go home in a couple of hours.  At the last PKU, Emelyn’s levels were down to 11.2 so they took her off the IV fluids and turned off the bili lights.  I was able to hold her as much as I wanted and she slept in the bassinet without the lights.  She was a bit hard to rouse for feedings last night, very sleepy, but I got her to eat every 2 hours; I hope it was enough!  She did have a couple of dirty diapers, which is good because that’s how the body gets rid of the bilirubin.  We’re now just waiting for the nurse to come in for her 6am PKU.  If this one is still down or even lower, we can go home as soon as the doctor makes her rounds (around 8am).  I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll be able to go home soon.  I’m so exhausted, I have had about 3-4 hours sleep in the last 48 hours and am thoroughly sleep-deprived.  The few nights we were home were also really rough, trying to adjust to having a newborn and especially adjusting to having to care for her mostly by myself because of breastfeeding.

I’m getting pretty nervous as I have Emelyn sleeping on my lap because she’s starting to look as yellow as she did the first day we came in :-(  All day yesterday her coloring was getting more pink and “normal” looking… I’m hoping its just these flourescent lights we’re under or that this is a normal thing.  If her levels have jumped back up, we’re likely to be here twice as long.  Please keep Emelyn in your thoughts and prayers.  I’ll update as soon as I know what’s going on.

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Quick Update

I just have a second to update really quick about what’s going on with Emelyn.  She had an appointment with the doctor yesterday and her bilirubin levels were up to 19 so she was admitted into the hospital last night.  Over night, her levels have gone down to 15 and we’re waiting for the results from her 12:30 PKU.  The doctor is going to keep her overnight just to make sure the levels don’t bounce back up without the bili-lights and we should be home tomorrow.

Both of us are doing well…. Emelyn seems to really enjoy her little tanning bed, she’s just as content as can be in it.  She’s been very good, rarely fusses and is eating pretty well.  I’ll be sure to update again as soon as I can!  I didn’t have my computer at the hospital and I don’t think they have wi-fi, but I ran home really quick to take a bath and get some more clothes.  Mom and Hayden are at the hospital with Emelyn; Wade had an important presentation at work today, so we’ve only seen him for a little while.

Poor Wade, yesterday was the worst 30th birthday ever :-(  I really hope we can make it up once all this is over with!

For now, please pray for Emelyn and hope that she’s all better tomorrow and able to come home!

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