4 week photos

I’m working on uploading photos to Picasa so that grandparents can get photos printed it you guys want.  I know I always did it with Hayden’s photos, it just takes a bit longer now b/c I have so many photos to edit and convert before I upload them.  They are coming along, though, and I’ll post links once the galleries are up!

Here’s Emelyn trying out the new mirror that Ms. Stephanie and Raelee brought her.  She was reaching out to touch the little taggies and grabbed them a few times :-)

I took these yesterday, on her 4 week “birthday”  … she’s wearing the dress that I was christened in

And this is her pink girly bouncer that we’re testing for that company

And here she is playing with daddy … he was trying really hard to get that first smile!

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My husband

I can’t go and make a long post about my friends and then not acknowledge my wonderful husband (I hope this makes your day, I love you!)

He truly is a wonderful husband and father … I could not ask for anyone better.  Not only was he understanding throughout my pregnancy, especially at the end when I was bitchy, emotional, hormonal and probably a pain in the ass to deal with, but he’s been extremely helpful since Emelyn has been born.  He’s done it all in the last few weeks – cooking, cleaning, helping with both kids as much as he can.  He bathes Hayden most nights and puts him to bed; they both sleep in Hayden’s room every  night so that they can get the sleep they need.  He spends lots of time cuddling Emelyn, especially when I need a break to take a shower or do other things.  He even offered to let me have a night of uninterupted sleep Friday night while he takes care of Emelyn!  I can’t even list everything he’s done to help out and try to make things easier for me.

He’s truly just the greatest guy.  I’ve always known it and I actually think about it quite often, especially lately.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t find myself thinking about how much I love him and how lucky I am to have him … what sucks is that by the time he comes home in the afternoons, I’m usually so tired or frazzled or busy, that I forget to tell him … so I guess maybe I should just click publish and turn to my left to tell him instead of telling all of you guys, huh?

Love you :-)

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Friends :-)

I’ve had the greatest friends around lately :-)

First, I’ve been able to see Dana and Rebecca not once, but TWICE in the last few weeks, which is something that hasn’t happened in probably 10 years or so!  Rebecca is a nurse who works a pretty rough schedule, so its very rare that we can coordinate times to get together.  And Dana lives on the Northshore, which is a pretty long drive for me.  We manage to see each other a bit more than Rebecca and I, but still not often enough.   So for the 3 of us to get together 2 times in a matter of a few weeks is pretty monumental :-)  Tobie was also able to join us for the last get together, so I’m really happy that 3 of my good friends were able to meet Emelyn when she was still a newborn!

Then there are my Morgan City friends … Mary invited us over for lunch a couple of weeks ago – a MUCH needed outing for both Hayden and I.  We hadn’t really spent time with her and her boys in months mostly due to hectic schedules and general pregnancy exhaustion (both mine and hers), so it was really nice to see them.  I know the boys were thrilled to see each other and as always, it was fun to see how differently they interact with each other from when we first met them over a year ago.  She gave us the CUTEST little pink case to pack Emelyn’s things in when we travel!

Stephanie and her little girl, Raelee were finally able to come over last week as well.  We’ve been trying to coordinate it, but something always came up – either an illness or me just being sleep-deprived and not up for company :-)  It was nice to see them as well, since it had been a few weeks.  Raelee picked out the softest pink blanket for Emelyn – she’s actually sleeping with it right now.  Stephanie brought us a pink crib mirror that Emelyn loves.  Its got little ribbon tags around it and she was reaching out to grab them and staring at her reflection for a long time.  They even brought Hayden a big brother gift – a set of Cars, which of course, he LOVED!

Then I got a phone call a few days ago from my friend Anita, offering to cook us dinner one night this week.  I was pretty surprised by this because its just not something that I’ve had a friend do for me, ever.  So tonight, we had an amazing Mexican dinner (feast LOL), compliments of Anita!  She came over right at dinner time, bearing tons of food and awesome presents!  The food was seriously delicious, all 3 of us thoroughly enjoyed it.  Even Hayden gobbled it up!  There were even some fresh baked cookies!  (Thanks Anita, I really don’t need those extra calories right now LOL)  There was even a tray of food for us to eat tomorrow.  This is one of the best gifts anyone could have given me at this point b/c even though I’ve managed to somewhat cook dinner every night (canned beans and boxed pasta LOL), its time that I could have been spending doing something much better.  So instead of spending the time cooking, I was able to sit down with Hayden while Emelyn napped and play sticker books with him, something he really needed from me.  As for the gifts – it was a ton of stuff that we’ll defintely use – diapers, wipes, lotions, bath stuff, breast pads and a couple of baby toys.  All very much appreciated!  And of course, Hayden got a great big brother gift – markers, coloring book and a really neat super hero book that he loves.  The markers kept him occupied the rest of the night!

So I’m feeling pretty loved by my friends these days and I’m really looking forward to spending more time with them soon.  We’ll be getting toghether with Mary and the boys again tomorrow.  Next week I really hope to meet up with Christina and have made plans to go see Twilight (woohoo!!!!) with a few friends as well.

I love all of you guys so much and thanks again for everything you’ve done for us over the last few weeks!

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