Happy New Year!

Well, I made it to midnight!  I was a couple of minutes from drifting off to sleep when the noise began and now I’m laying here waiting for it to stop so I can sleep.  I’ve been thinking about New Year’s Eves in the past and realize there are only a handful that stand out in my mind as memorable:

  • Earliest NYE I can remember – it was probably 1984 or 85, so I was about 6 or 7.  My best friend and I had lots of fireworks because our dads used to buy tons of them for us.  My neighbor had a newborn (which is how I remember the approximate year) and for some reason, Raegan and I thought it would be funny to put a bunch of Black Cats by their door.  Pretty mean of us LOL  And what in the world were we doing popping fireworks by ourselves at that age??
  • NYE 2000 – the new millenium!  Corine and I were actually stuck in traffic trying to get from Chalmette to our friends’ in Metairie!  I remember having a really good time that night, but how stupid of us to be on the road at that time!
  • NYE 2002 – Christina and I were in Slidell at Ryan’s house; he had spent a TON of money (it was over $1,000 worth of fireworks, but he had gotten them for less than that somehow)  I had never had that much fun popping that many fireworks before, it was a blast!  Christina and I were in rare form that night – I have pictures of us trying on his various police uniforms and gear, lots of fun!
  • NYE 2003 – The first NYE Wade and I spent together – we were with Christina at Metro then Ampersands that night listening to DJ Trashy :-)  What a fun night that was!
  • NYE 2004 – 2005 – 2007 – spent at the camp, which is always low-key but fun; there’s a big bonfire and lots of fireworks.  We thought about doing it this year and taking Hayden, but I didn’t want to bring Emelyn and I didnt want to leave her overnight, so we opted not to do it this year.
  • NYE 2006 – probably one of the worst NYE’s EVER – Wade and I got in a fight at the Saints game earlier that day and I wound up spending the night away from him while he was out partying with his friends

But tonight will be memorable as well because it was the first NYE I spent with my family in a long time and although we didn’t actually celebrate together when midnight rolled around, it was nice to spend time with them today, tonight and tomorrow.  Mom cooked some delicious potato soup and Hayden helped her make chocolate covered strawberries.  Renee stopped by to see Hayden and Emelyn for a bit.  It was a much needed, relaxing night!

I hope everyone else had a nice night as well!

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You know you are getting old when …

Its’ 10:45 on New Year’s Eve and I’m *this* close to going to bed… Wade and Hayden are already in bed for the night.  We’re at my parents’ house, we’ve eaten dinner and dessert, popped a few fireworks and are done for the night! Our New Year’s Eves have progressively gotten more boring over the last 3 years with this one being the absolute dullest LOL

Oh well, we’re all exhausted … kids are hard! LOL

Happy New Year anyway, to everyone!  I hope you have a great 2009!!!

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Emelyn – Two Months

Here’s an attempt at 2 month pictures, nothing fancy.  I only plan to do actual “portraits” for her major milestone months (3, 6, 9, 12) but in between, I’ll definitely stage a little impromtu shoot as well as to make sure I get her daddy bear shot.  She was in no mood for pictures this afternoon, though, so I recruited Wade to see if she’d cooperate a little better if he was holding her.  It worked for a few minutes, but not all that well!  Thankfully, I had done her bear shot first, so she was happy for that one, then big brother had to jump in, as always.  The photo of her in blue is from last night, I just thought she looked really cute in that color and she’s been sticking her tongue out more and more lately.  The little pink knit outfit is from my mom, a Christmas present and is from Baby Gap (in case anyone wants to know).  I just LOVE it and knew it would photograph well.  I would love to use it for next month’s pictures when I should be able to get some cute shots of her holding up her head, but I doubt it will still fit by then!









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