Siggies from JM

Over at Just Mommies, they have a “Siggies R Us” board where you can post a request and some photos and the talented girls over there will create a “siggie” for you.  A siggie is basically text and graphics that show up underneath any post you make, a signature.

I’m perfectly capable of making them myself, but have NO time to do them these days, plus I find it so much fun to give them free reign and see what the come up with.  Here are a few of the ones I’ve had made for me.

These are for her 3 month photos … I was lucky enough to have 2 girls claim them, I love them both!  The first is by pixie_pink and the second is by ShanMomto4:



This was her 2 month photos, made by Cherry Berry:


And this one was made by kasie (she put Hayden’s birthday wrong)


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Three Month Pictures

Here are the 3 month pictures I took of Emelyn today with sort of a Valentine’s Day theme :-) I used my new fake floor along with my Ikea heart rug and bone seamless paper.  Oh, and you can’t forget the new zebra-print diaper cover!






And her 3 month bear picture:


Then, just for comparison’s sake:


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Catchin’ Up

I’ve been so busy between the kids and working lately, that I don’t have much time for anything else.  Emelyn is super-attached right now and often won’t nap unless she’s sleeping on the boppy and nursing continously.  She’ll generally take one long nap in the mornings, about 2 hours, in her swing, which is really nice.  I use that time to take a bath, do things around the house and take care of Hayden.  The rest of the day is spent alternately nursing, changing diapers and playing with Emelyn.  When she naps, I’m usually on the computer working with Hayden playing on the laptop next to me.  He’s gotten really good at using the computer and loves playing Nick Jr and Noggin games.  I’m so proud of him at how well he works the mouse and plays all the games.

Emelyn is 3 months old, now, as of last Friday.  She’s still waking up every 2 hours most nights, but thankfully we’ve gotten the hang of nursing lying down, so I usually just roll over and latch her on, then fall back asleep.  A good portion of the night, she stays latched on and wakes up if she isn’t, which has been tough.  I don’t really know how to change this behavior, so I’m hoping she either learns to suck her thumb (I know, bad habit, but one I need desparately right now) or that she’ll grow out of needing to comfort suck so much.  She’s still really temperamental and quickly goes from huge smiles and cooing, to screaming.  When she’s tired or hungry, she lets you know immediately and usually nothing but nursing will remedy either of those situations.  She has started becoming more vocal, though – she coos and tries to talk to us, its so precious.  She is still so happy; its very easy to get her to smile.  She always wants to sit straight up or stand and loves to be able to see whats going on around her.  She discovered her hands a couple of weeks ago and now sucks on her fists quite often (this is why I’m hoping she’ll discover the thumb soon LOL)  I guess I didn’t realize just how much of my life would be spent breastfeeding, but I really do enjoy it, despite how much time it takes up.  I just love to look down and see her little face looking up at me all the time.  I know its hard on everyone else, though, not just me.  Having Emelyn “attached” to me constantly makes it a bit hard to spend time with Wade and Hayden and combined with how busy I’ve gotten with work, its been tough.

Work is going great, though.  I’ve been booking weddings left and right and while I said at the beginning that I didn’t want to do too many weddings, the more I do them, the more I enjoy them.  My sister has been coming with me to learn and assist and she’s doing great, she really enjoys them too.  I’m a bit sad that she won’t be able to do them for a while after she has the baby in June (but of course I’m super-excited about the new baby LOL).

So that’s our lives right now in a nutshell.  Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.   Kelly gave me this little brown dress at my shower, along with a little brown sweater.  Its so precious on Emelyn and even though she wore it a few times (with cream tights and bright pink shoes!), I never got a picture of her in it.  I snapped this one the last time she fit in it, though she wasn’t happy that I had laid her down!


These are from when Emelyn was still sick with RSV.  Thankfully, it never got bad.  She tolerated the breathing treatments pretty well, though sometimes, she’d get mad.




Then a huge jump / gap in photos … not sure what happened there lol.  Hayden’s been doing really well on the potty.  Last week he pooped on the potty twice, so his reward was an ice cream from Sonic.  I let him choose whatever he wanted and he choose “white ice cream with black on top.”  He pretty much devoured this entired chocolate sundae.





This one of Emelyn makes me laugh because it looks like she’s impersonating Cher with that tongue LOL


Last week, I was finally able to take the kids to go visit my aunt in Lafayette.  She’s now at a rehab hospital there working on physical therapy.  I wanted to go much sooner, but didn’t want to get her sick.  She gave the kids some adorable jackets from Gap.  Here is Hayden wearing his.  I need to get a picture of Emelyn in her fuzzy pink hoodie with ears on top, its precious!

She seemed really happy to see us and was able to hold Emelyn for the first time since she was born.  I hope to be able to take them to see her more often, I just get concerned about how Hayden will act … there’s a few too many cords and buttons to push!


Late last week, I noticed that Emelyn is beginning to notice the toys on her bouncer and started batting at them.  She wasn’t too fond of it at first, but now that she sees the toys, she really enjoys them.  She’s also been spitting and blowing bubbles a lot the last couple of weeks.





And that’s about all I can do for now, Emelyn is up and ready to start her day and Hayden is asking for a snack, which he literally does about a million times a day.

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