Spring is here (at least for today)

It was such a beautiful day today that even *I* couldn’t justify staying inside (I hate being outdoors).  I promised Hayden we’d head to the park after lunch, so that’s what we did.  I brought along a blanket and we just sat around and enjoyed the weather for a little while.  After Hayden got bored with just running around and throwing a ball, we headed to the playground until Emelyn got fussy.   I pulled out my rarely used zoom lens and took a few photos, nothing fancy, just of the kids enjoying the day.  I forget how much I like this lens and think I’ll use it more often!









We must have just gone through another growth spurt … this is a 6-9 month onesie from Carter’s and it fits her perfectly :-(


She really doesn’t like to be in her stroller, especially if its sitting still.


Sitting up like a big girl (but still not happy)


Not ready to leave


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Mardi Gras 2009

We had a really nice time for Mardi Gras this year.  Its always pretty pleasant (considering its a parade and its Mardi Gras, which I hate)  … Wade’s aunt lives about a block off of Veterans where the parade runs, so there’s always lots of food, people to talk to and a convenient bathroom.  Hayden had a blast this year, he was really the right age to truly start to enjoy himself.  He didn’t miss one single float.  If there was a break between floats, he’d run back to me and show me something he caught or grab his spear to play with, but then he’d look up and see another one coming and say “I gotta go!” and run up to Wade.  Wade and Mike took turns holding Hayden, so he had a ball and caught a ton of stuff.  He was so cute to watch!  Emelyn slept in her stroller the whole time, only waking up for a short time before eating and going back to sleep.  I was surprised she was able to sleep through all the noise!  I was also very happy that she slept in her stroller so I didn’t have to carry her the whole time, though I did put her in the wrap for a little while.  Once she fell asleep, I put her back in the stroller, though.

Here are a few pictures from the day … again, not too many of them and only for the memories :-)



Before he really got excited about the parade




Wade’s cousin Mike and his girlfriend, Gabby


With their friend, Thomas


Wade in his t-shirt that I bought him and he hates (I thought it looked really good on him, though!)


He was standing at the back of the crowd, drinking his juice and waving for beads (even though no floats were passing, he didn’t want to take the chance of missing them, I guess LOL)


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