Forgotten Photo Friday

My friend Liz started this a while back and I think its a neat idea … I think I can find the time to commit to posting one photo a week :-)  I was just going through my old Picasa albums and came across some photos from when we first moved to Morgan City.  Hayden was about 19 months old and this was our first trip to Lake End Park.  Look how much my baby has changed and grown since then!  Waaahhh!

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Portrait attempt

When I went to Tots 2 Teens a few weeks ago, Sandy Puc had a picture like this in one of her slides and I knew it would be perfect for Hayden.  I’m not completely happy with this one, though, so I’ll probably try again with a darker backdrop and more dramatic lighting.  This one is cute, though!



This was just something he did randomly and I thought his face was hilarious


An attempt at one of them together, didn’t quite turn out, but my mommy goggles like it!


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Just a few pictures

We were hanging out in the garage a few days ago while Wade cut the grass.  Garage light is notoriously beautiful and perfect for photos, so I had to snap some of Emelyn in her Tigger doorway bouncer:



She looks just like her daddy as a baby here .. she definitely has his eyes!  We’ll just have to see if she’s going to get the lashes, too!


Hayden wanted me to take a picture of her tail lol




Emelyn’s new ShooShoos


Mid-roll .. she rolls all over the place now


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