Forgotten Photo Friday

Yay, I didn’t forget this week :-)

This is a photo from February 2005 – I had literally just found out I was pregnant for Hayden, maybe a week or two before this picture.  This was a chilly trip to the camp with Wade, my sister and BIL, who took the photo of us through the dirty window of Wade’s dad’s boat. We look so young, especially Wade!


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Vacation Day 3 – Eggs

Ok, so I’m a little behind LOL … I’ve still got tons of photos to edit from our trip and even from way before and I do have every intention to edit and post them … but they have to come after the 3000+ photos I still have to go through and edit for work.  I’m rewarding myself, though, for getting 3 seniors edited in just about 4 days, so I figured I can take a break to post a few personal photos.

Saturday night, after the riverboat ride, we let the kids dye eggs.  These photos were a color-cast nightmare b/c I had nowhere to bounce my flash except on the yellow pine ceiling … I also had Emelyn in the wrap for most of these, so no creative shots, just documenting the moments :-)




Mom’s idea to shoot the scene through the window from the front porch lol



Emelyn dropping her first egg in the dye





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