When am I going to learn that I need to watch what I say around my precocious 3 year old?

Yesterday in Walmart, I was fussing at him and he yells “Mama, you are pissing me off!”

This afternoon he says “If Emelyn touches me one more time, I’m going to be PO’d!”

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Everyday life

Life has been pretty ordinary lately and I’m still super busy.  I’m trying to catch up on my editing and I’ve still got quite a ways to go.

Mother’s day weekend was nice, though.  We spent the weekend at my parents’ house, as usual.  Friday I had lunch with my friend Rebecca since I was passing through Metairie and had some pictures to drop off to her.  I also took a trip to Whole Foods to pick up some fruit and veggies to make baby food, but as can be expected, I haven’t had any time to do it!  Saturday afternoon my sister, Emelyn and I went to lunch with my mom at Cheesecake Bistro, it was pretty yummy!  Later that evening I had a bridal shoot for one of my brides who got married in March.  I really love doing bridal portraits after the wedding, you don’t have to worry about the sheet and keeping the dress clean!

Mother’s day was pretty laid back – Popeye’s with my family for lunch, then headed back to MC.  My laptop was my Mother’s Day / Anniversary / Bday present, but I got some beautiful flowers and cards from Wade.  He did some cleaning around the house and we had a yummy dinner of homemade white pizza.

Tuesday was our anniversary and again, it was pretty laid back, nothing special.  Wade gave me another charm for my Pandora bracelot and I spent the day in Lafayette because Emelyn had a doctor’s appointment.  He cooked us a yummy dinner of filet topped with feta cheese, homemade mashed potatoes and green beans picked from our garden.

Emelyn’s dr’s appointment went well … she’s 22lbs 14oz and 28″ long.  Still off the charts!  She’s doing everything she should be doing developmentally, though she isn’t really babbling much.  She screeches and coos, but not really any syllables yet.  The dr said if she isn’t doing it by her next appointment, then we’ll worry.  She also had to get three shots :-(   We had a nice visit with my Aunt Debbie later that day.  She’s doing well … her arm is healing from the infection and surgery and she’s getting around with her walker.  Hayden was glad to see her, he always loves to visit with Debbiedee.

Here are some picture I’ve taken of Emelyn over the last few days, she’s working on a few new skills lately.  She’s already trying to pull up!  When I put her in her pack and play, she pulls up on the side, but only onto her knees (our bedroom and bathroom are a white balance nightmare and these photos are pretty much un-edited)



She’s also scooting all over the place … she gets all the way up on her toes and pushes forward onto her belly


A couple of Hayden getting out of the tub



She’s starting to transition from sitting to crawling, though it takes her a while.  Her leg gets stuck under her, but she eventually gets it



I was trying to get some pictures in her cute $4 Walmart dress, but she was tired of taking pictures LOL.  On the bright side, you can see her two bottom teeth pretty well!

Trying to pull up on the toy box


And a few from today … we call this her “chewy bug”


As temperamental as she is, she’s such a happy baby!



Trying to crawl to the toy, but you can see her foot is stuck under her tummy


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Just saying hi!

I know I’ve been a bit scarce with blogging, I feel so bad that I don’t keep up with Emelyn like I did with Hayden, I just don’t have the time!  Emelyn is doing a lot these days and learning more every day!  She’s sitting up really well now and scooting all over the place.  I think I mentioned she’s got 2 teeth, she’s had those since before she turned 6 months and I think she’s about to get a 3rd, another one on the bottom, which is kind of unusual.  She’s also been getting on her hands and knees and rocking lately, which means she’ll be learning to crawl soon :-(  My baby is growing up way too fast!  She’s sleeping a little better these days, but we still have bad nights.  On good nights, she goes about 4 hours and she’s been waking up around 7am most mornings.

Hayden is getting more agressive with her every day, I can’t leave him alone with her for a second these days.  In the last few days he’s slapped her, poked her eyes, pinched her, squeezed her face, tackled her, shoved her and threw a basketball at her head … yep, that’s my son!  Oh, and I forgot one, he tried to roll her off the bed to “see her fall” – thankfully Wade walked into the bedroom right before he succeeded!  My mom seems to think he’s just “bored and jealous” I think its partly true, but there’s no excuse for treating his baby sister that way.  He’s also got a really bad habit of hitting Wade and I, he’s been spending A LOT of time in time out for that, its so frustrating.  I can’t wait until he turns 4, I’m hoping he grows out of this horrible stage soon!

We’re still working on solids with Emelyn and she’s not taking to them all that well.  Some nights she loves them and gobbles it up, other nights she cries if I try to feed her.  She’s only had peas, sweet potatoes and carrots and she isn’t too keen on peas.  I’m going to keep trying these 3 over and over until she’s used to them.  I also plan to make a trip to Whole Foods when I’m in New Orleans this weekend to get some organic produce; I’d like to try making my own baby foods, maybe she’d like it better?

Here are some pictures of her this morning.  She was in her jumperoo and I was feeding her tiny pieces of biscuit, which she loved.  I couldn’t choose a favorite, so there are a bunch!



She reminds me of Hayden in this picture





The other monkey in the morning LOL … he looks so much like Wade!




Now she’s sitting on mommy’s new desk … its not cleaned and organized yet, so no photos, but Wade built it and its beautiful!!

This is what her hair always looks like in the morning LOL





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