The Countdown Begins!


I had planned to start a Disney paper chain countdown 30 days before our trip, so we started it today,  just a few days early :-)  I wanted to make it more colorful, full of Disney clipart and characters, but I just didn’t have the time.  I printed the number of days left on one side of the paper and on the inside there is something printed that I’ll tell Hayden about … attractions, character meals, experiences, etc.  So, for example, one side of our link today had “34s” printed on it and on the inside it said “All Star Movies.”  I sat down with Hayden and told him about our hotel and showed him pictures of it.  Each day, we’ll talk about something that he’ll see or do in Disney.  I’m so excited about this trip, I can’t believe its only a little over a month away!  I also booked the room we’ll stay in on our arrival night (just an inexpensive off-site resort, $37!!)  along with our stroller rental. If anyone is interested, I rented a double jogging stroller from Orlando Stroller Rental, $90 for the whole week.  This is much less than the Disney strollers, which you can only use in the parks.  This way, we’ll have the stroller to walk around the resort, to and from the transportation, etc.  I’ve heard lots of good things about the company and these strollers!

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Update on Emelyn

I wanted to write a little update on Emelyn.  As some may know, she started running a fever on Friday night with no other symptoms.  The fever persisted through the weekend.  On Saturday night, she threw up all the milk she drank along with some medicine I gave her for the fever, so we headed to the ER in Houma.  By the time we got there, it was close to midnight, her fever was down to 99 and she was acting fine, so we left before being seen and went to my parents.  Her fever returned and continued through Sunday, with her throwing up again Sunday evening.  I contacted her doctor’s emergency line and was told to continue with the Motrin / Tylenol to keep the fever down and definitely come in to see a doctor on Monday.  Sunday night, her fever reached 102.5 but some Motrin kept it back down and by the morning, her temp was normal.  We headed to Lafayette to see the doctor.  She didn’t see any physical reason for the fever, so she collected a urine sample which came back with elevated white blood cells, but nothing else.  She recommended some more tests, so we headed to the hospital for a complete blood count, blood tests, catheter for a urine culture and a chest xray.  As you can imagine, this was really tough for both Emelyn and mommy.  Poor thing was so distraught through every one of the tests and had to be held down :-(

The doctor called as I was driving back to Morgan City with some of the results.  Emelyn’s white blood count is 21.5, which is high, even higher than normal infections cause (that is usually 15 or lower the doctor said)  The doctor ordered a shot of antibiotics (I think it was Rocephin)  We had to turn right around and head back to the hospital, wait in the ER waiting room with what seemed like a hundred other people to be registered, then head upstairs for the shot.   Poor Emelyn had already been through a lot and the shot really hurt her and burned for a few minutes afterward.  By t his time, it was after 8pm, we were all exhausted and Hayden was getting out of hand.  I was going to stay in Lafayette at my sisters so that we would be there in case the doctor needs us in the morning, but I just wanted to be home with Wade.  We got home about 9:30 and Emelyn slept pretty well.  She was a little restless at times and whined a little in her sleep, so I’m not sure if something was bothering her, but she did sleep better than she does when she’s not sick.  This morning she woke up with no fever and she’s acting completely normal, so hopefully the antibiotics did what they need to do and this will all be over.

The cultures that they took can take up to 72 hours for results, though, so we still need to get those results.  I aksed the doctor what the elevated blood count meant and she didn’t really give me an answer that I can remember.  She did say something about possible bacterial infections in the blood or urine, so thats what the culture will show.  I’ll update as soon as I hear anything else, but for now, Emelyn is doing 100% better, so hopefully its all over!

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Hayden’s 4 Year Pictures

Even though his birthday is still about 2 months away, I’ve wanted to take some new pictures of him so I can get a big print for my hallway.  When I saw the old grocery store next to the camp we stayed at in Cocodrie, I knew I had to take them there.  They had a really old, rusted red car in the front and an old tractor.  Out in the back was this amazing garden with  old brick pathways and tons of old antiques and junk – all perfect for his pictures!  I knew he’d also have fun exploring it all, which would make it easier on me.  I’m so happy with how they came out, I think they perfectly capture his personality – silly, serious, happy and sweet.  Here is my big 4 year old!  I have a gallery online with all of the photos, you can click here to see the rest.










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