The Kids’ Birthday

I just wanted to give everyone a head’s up that I’ll be having Hayden and Emelyn’s party together on October 17 here in Morgan City.  Their birthday’s are only 10 days apart, so it just makes sense.  The invites will go out in the mail the weekend we get back from Disney, but I know schedules are so hectic these days, I wanted to do a “Save the Date” type of post :-)

Neither kids need much, so please do not feel the need to buy them a lot, if anything.  They both have all the toys they could ever need.  If you are looking for something, they both need winter clothes and pajamas (Hayden – 5T and Emelyn 18-24 months).  Books are always a hit with them;  Emelyn especially loves books that have different textures to feel.  Hayden loves anything that a typical boy would like and Emelyn loves babies :-)

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the party!

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Not Me Monday

I’ve recently gotten into reading this blog after seeing that people were “Praying for Stellan.”  If you want to know who Stellan is and why people are praying for him, definitely check out that blog.  The short answer is that Stellan is a baby who was born within a few days of Emelyn and he has a very serious heart condition that he seems to be beating, against the odds.  And he is BEAUTIFUL!  His mama writes the blog and she’s really funny, writing about Stellan as well as her other “MSC” (many small children, she has 4 total).

Anyway, she always does “Not Me Mondays” where she admits to funny and not-so-great things she’s done and said as a parent, it cracks me up.  I was driving home from New Orleans yesterday and was thinking of some of my own “not my child” moments.  Here are a few I can remember off the top of my head:

It wasn’t my child who told his daddy a few weeks ago “Daddy, you need to grow a pair, grow up your *ss and you are a bee killer.”  (For the record, he meant “buzz kill” and I’m not sure where he heard the *ss comment)

Its not my child who loudly belts out “Apple bottom jeans, boots with the BURRRRR, the whole club was looking at heeerrrrr” every.single.time we are in Walmart.

Its not my child who has an “Uncle Douchy” (blame his daddy for that one)

It isn’t my child who, upon telling me had to pee, says “Inside or outside?”

It wasn’t my child who discovered playing in the toilet a couple of weeks ago.

And it isn’t my child who has to completely strip down and bend all the way over with his head on a stool in order to use the potty …. nope, not MY child :-)

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Mornings with Emelyn

Emelyn enjoys her quiet mornings playing alone while Hayden is in school.  Although she really loves her brother and lights up when she sees him, she doesn’t get much of a break from him bugging her.  He’s either taking her toys, hugging her too tight or knocking her over.  I wanted to get some “lifestyle” pictures of her playing in her area as well as to practice with some different lighting, so here’s a series of pictures I took of her last Friday :-)

Gotta love the furrowed brow LOL


I found some of brother’s trash!



Standing on her own


She’s never taken a paci, but sometimes, she’ll find one, stick it in her mouth and giggle


I didn’t realize it when I took it, but these are all of her favorite toys :-)


Notice the bite marks on the window sill where she’s eaten it … that’s why her nickname is now “Billy Goat”




Hee hee, I had to :-)


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