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For Emelyn’s birthday, I decided to get her a little kitchen and shopping cart.  She loves Hayden’s kitchen and he’s not ready to pass it down, so we got her a little girly pink one :-)  Here she is checking out her shopping cart, wearing her pretty pink poodle jammies from Ms. Rebecca :-)





And just a sweet look from my girl:


Later in the day, we gave her the kitchen.  She hardly got to play with it before big brother took it over, he does that with ALL of her toys.  She’s getting more aggressive, though, and will sometimes take things back from him or fuss at him LOL  Here are some pictures of her during the few minutes she actually got to play with it.  Its the pink Fisher Price Grow with Me Kitchen:



Here comes Hayden …



Later that afternoon, Wade took Hayden outside to dig for dinosaur bones, Hayden loved this!







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I guess he’s got me!

I’m so tired of commercials … every single toy commercial that comes on, its “Mommy, I want that!”  Its really bad and I’m very, very sick of it.

Here was a conversation I just had with Hayden:

Hayden – Mommy, I want that for my birthday.

Mommy – Hayden, you don’t have to have everything in the world.

Hayden – Yes I do.

Mommy – There are some kids that don’t have anything, how would you like to not have anything?  Remember those kids I told you about when we gave some of your old toys away?  Those are the kids that have nothing.

Hayden – But they have my toys that I gave them!

LOL … smart kid.

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Emelyn is ONE!

Well, its come and gone … my very last baby is now a year old.  Gone are the baby days and we’re welcoming the toddler days with open arms!

Emelyn is a pro-walker, now.  She began taking tentative steps at about 10 1/2 months, then slowly worked her way up to walking.  About 2 weeks before her birthday, she was walking short distances, from one thing to the next.  She would stand next to something, then look contemplative, then quickly let go, take a few steps and grab on to the next thing.  If she was walking from one person to another, right before she got there, she’d lunge forward and you’d have to catch her so she wouldn’t fall on her face.  She gradually gained confidence and now, she even chases Hayden!  Just a few days after her party, she finally started to “talk” more.  She says “baba” (brother), “mama” and “dada.”  It seems like she’s doing new things every day and its so much fun to watch her learn and explore.

For her birthday, we decided to talk the kids to the Children’s Museum.  We figured it would be something they’d both enjoy and while they did both have fun, that museum has definitely seen better days!  The whole place just feels dirty and of course, 2 days later, Emelyn is coughing and has a runny nose.  It never fails, public places always seem to make my kids sick!  Hayden seemed to have escaped it this time, though!  Here are some pictures from the Museum:







Wade said this was his “I’m trapped in a bubble” face LOL


Playing in the baby and toddler area






After the museum, we went to eat at Common Grounds.  It was such a nice day, we sat outside and the kids enjoyed watching all the pigeons.  From there, Wade and Hayden headed down to the camp for Wade’s “birthday weekend” and Emelyn and I headed to my parents’ house.  Here is Emelyn in another one of her birthday presents … with the money that Grandpa and Pawpaw gave her, I bought her a new car seat, a Recaro Signo.  I really love how safe and sturdy it feels and she fits in it really well.  Its got a lot of great features, including side impact protection (see the wings by her head?)  … its just so much bigger than her last car seat!  I can’t see her in the mirror anymore and its really hard to get her in and out of, especially when she’s struggling (which she does 90% of the time now!)


For dinner, mom, Emelyn and I went to the Mexican restaurant by their house then we let Emelyn have her birthday cake.  I bought her a little petit four cake from Creative Cakes and she was so interested in it when I bought it that I expected her to tear into it … she was the complete opposite of Hayden on his birthday, she hardly wanted to touch it!  She just kept delicately sticking her fingers into it and tasting it and would sometimes lean down and bite it if we prompted her!  She is definitely NOT like me when it comes to cake! LOL


Love this face, she kept looking at the cake, then looking at my mom like “is this really for me??” and she’d giggle:







This was as messy as it got, I couldn’t believe it!



After the cake, we tried out a ponytail for the first time!  Aww, big girl hair!



Then it was hugs for Grammy and time for bath and bed!


It was a great first birthday and I hope my big girl enjoyed herself!

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