13 Months Old

Earlier this week, we spent a few days as a family at my dad’s new camp, just Wade, the kids and I.  Emelyn and I were hanging out on the porch, waiting for daddy to get back from fishing and I took some pictures of her being a big girl.

  • She’s 13 months old now and just loves to act older!  She loves to sit in chairs that she can climb in herself.  We have some child-sized rockers in the house and she gets in those all the time, then looks at us with this big grin, like she’s so proud of herself.  She also likes to stand on them, so I have to keep them put away so she doesn’t fall.
  • She’s beginning to enter the independent stage where she wants to do everything herself.  She won’t eat a lot of the time unless I let her feed herself.  She’s constantly taking off her diaper, so we have to keep her fully clothed at all times.  If she finds a rag or a baby wipe, she’ll rub it on her tummy, her face or something around the house, like she’s cleaning.  She tries to brush her hair and her teeth, dress herself and anything else that she sees us do.
  • She discovered sticking out her tongue and still has the cutest little giggles.  She knows when she’s being funny and enjoys making us laugh.
  • She’s just like me when it comes to affection, though, she does not like to be cuddled, hugged or kissed, unless its initiated by her.  She’ll turn her cheek or pull away when people try to kiss her.  She gets really mad when Hayden tries to hug her and she hates to be held in one place.
  • She still has quite a temper and has even thrown some tantrums in the last week or two.  Lashing out and hitting me or Hayden, screaming and throwing herself back – its quite amusing :-)
  • She’s still waking up a lot to nurse at night, but at this point, its her comfort.  Its like waking up for a pacifier, except that the pacifier is me :-)  Yes, its exhausting, but she’ll only be little once and eventually, she will sleep!
  • She was getting much better at eating 3 solid meals a day, but the last week or so has been terrible.  She just cut one of her top molars and I think at least 1-2 more are coming out as well.  She’s been extremely clingy, fussy and miserable and refuses to eat much of anything.  Tonight she really enjoyed sucking on a juice pop and some frozen cheesecake, though!
  • She’s really smart and determined to learn things, she’ll keep trying until she gets something right.
  • She loves to color, though she’s still not very good at holding the crayons and getting it on the paper.
  • She isn’t very interested in TV or toys but loves to go outside.
  • She’s really sweet and generally a very good baby.  Everyone adores her and I still get constant compliments on her wherever we go <3 <3 <3









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Conversation with my boy


Another Haydenism for you:

On the way to school this morning, Hayden starts talking about a restaurant that we went to “before that wedding” … I think he was talking about a wedding I shot in Pensacola over 1 1/2 years ago.   Anyway, he asked what a “ring bear” was.  I explained as best as I could and he was quiet for a second.  Then he asked what a “carcheedo” is … hmmm.  That one took a second of thought … then I realized he meant tuxedo LOL  He’s so funny when he tries to pronounce big words :-)

And just because I have some photos that I haven’t shared and my kids both have the most luscious eyelashes:



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New things everyday!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve really noticed that Emelyn is doing new things all the time.  She’s walking so well and can easily bend down to pick up toys while standing up.  The other day, she saw some kids dancing on TV so she stood up, held her arms out and turned in a circle.   She clapped for herself after wards.  I’ve noticed that she is much more determined than Hayden was at this age.   I remember that he’d try to figure out toys and if he couldn’t get it, he’d get frustrated and quit.  Emelyn will try over and over until she gets it.  I watched her try to figure out how to put toy envelopes in her mailbox for a long time – turn it around and around until she figured it out.  Then she put it in over and over and over, it was so sweet.

She’s babbling more sounds all the time but mostly prefers to just point to something and look at you expectantly, like a little princess expecting to be toted around and given her every whim LOL.

She started backing down off of the bed over a month ago, shocking me the first time she did it because I never taught her that.  She was nursing one day and when she was done, she scooted to the edge and I went to grab her, but realized she was swinging her legs around to lower herself down!  I still hold her hand every time in case she falls back, but its too cute.

Tonight, she finally started signing “more” when we were eating dinner.  I was feeding her mashed potatoes on a spoon – I’d fill the spoon and hand it to her, then she’d hand it back to me to give her more.  After showing her the sign a few times, she started doing it herself and would smile really big when she realized it works.  She also grabbed my hand and tried to pull me into Hayden’s room today, then dropped my hand, walked around me and tried to turn me and push me that way instead!  She’s got so much personality and I really love watching her learn new things all the time!

Oh, I almost forgot the point of this post … her 1 year appointment was today.  She’s 25.11 lbs, so she’s only gained 2 lbs in the last 6 months.  Her weight is now back on the charts at 95 percentile.  Her height is still off the charts though, she’s very tall – 31 inches!  She also got 3 shots – one in each arm and one in her leg.  She didn’t even flinch for the first shot, but the 2nd two made  her scream, poor baby :-(

And because no blog post should go without a photo, here’s my sweet girl at the church last Sunday.  I snapped this as she was walking towards me saying “mama”  <3


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