Last weekend, Wade and I went to Margaritaville for my Uncle’s surprise 40th birthday party.  It was a really fun place for a party, especially since we all got margaritas ;-)  The food was also delicious and we had family come in from all over, so it was great to see them, especially so close to Christmas!

These were the actual seats around the upstairs bar … tire swings!  Can you imagine what that is like after a few drinks??  I don’t know, I wouldn’t dare try it!

Wade and Brian had fun checking them out …

Don’t ask, I have no idea LOL

My sister took most of the rest of the pictures, I had no desire to pick up a camera that night, only my Parrot Margarita ;-)

Jay and Angel came in from Georgia … Jay convinced me that I don’t deserve to go to the Championship game (if the Saints make it) because I didn’t “earn” it … Wade’s cousin Michael can thank him for that because I really wanted to pull out my “wife” card which would trump the “best friend / cousin” card when it comes to who is going to attend the play-offs with Wade!  ;-)

We all arrived an hour before Eric and Brandy … Brandy has been planning this party for over a year, I have no idea if he knew about it or not.  He said he had a feeling it was “something” but not “this something” … whatever that meant LOL

Wade and I enjoyed some adult time away from the kiddos, even though it was short-lived.  His mom texted us shortly after because Emelyn wouldn’t stop crying and we had to head home.

Cheer up Uncle Eric, 40 is the new 30, right?

Newlyweds, Dana and Jason :-)

Wade loved this chair … I didn’t think it was particularly funny, but oh well!

Hope you had a great night, Eric!

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Christmas Day 2009

Emelyn and I “slept in” on Christmas morning, a rarity for us.  We are usually up way before Wade and Hayden, but it was them who came in and woke us up, I guess it was about 7:30.  According to Wade, they woke up and watched TV for about 1/2 hour before Hayden said, can we go see if Santa came?  Silly boy …

The night before, he asked if he could run into the living room like they do on TV LOL … so Wade and I got set up with the cameras and told him to come in … he ran about 2 steps, stopped and just looked … no smile, no excitement … just this look:

Emelyn didn’t know what to think …

Still nothing as he checks out Emelyn’s pile …

Some Flat Stanley books …

Emelyn’s “My Pal Scout”

Finally, on the 3-4 gift, we get a look of excitement.  Even when he unwrapped his Bendaroos, something he’s been asking for all year, there was no smile … he’s such a strange kid sometimes LOL

After unwrapping all of his, he started to help Emelyn unwrap hers.  At first, she didn’t have much interest in doing it herself, she was more concerned about what Hayden was doing.

She got the hang of it after a minute …

Unwrapping her baby doll from Hayden:

Thanking Emelyn for the game she gave him:

After the kids opened all of their gifts, Wade and I exchanged our gifts.  He was way too good to me this year … I had already gotten my lens and a Dust Buster (something I rolled my eyes at when he gave it to me, but have since fallen in love with LOL).  He also got me a huge soft box, umbrella, box sets of Artemis Fowl and Percy Jackson books, InkDeath and some new batteries (the rechargeable Enloops that I use).  Oh, I also got a new camera bag, which I love – it actually fits all of my stuff, including  my back-up camera and huge lens!  I got him a custom built fishing rod, Saints shirts, cordless drill, a really neat Eragon companion book, the first Percy Jackson book and a nail gun.

And despite all of the very “boy” things he got, it was inevitable that he would play with Emelyn’s stuff … here he is playing doctor with her baby doll LOL

Soon it was time to start getting ready to head in to Metairie for Christmas dinner at Wade’s Mimi’s house.  We had to pack for a few days in New Orleans and get our house cleaned up because his family would be with us when we returned home.  The kids’ toys were piled neatly, they were dressed in their Christmas clothes and we headed out.  Traveling like that always stresses me out because there are so many aspects to think about … not only do I have to pack for myself and both kids, but we had a party to go to on Saturday and I had to make sure we had clothes for that.  We had to bring gifts for everyone and pack some toys for the kids.  We would be spending one night at my dad’s camp, so we had to have warm clothes and coats …. it was a lot to worry about, but we did it and made it safely to Mimi’s just in time for dinner.

We spent a couple of hours there, visiting with Wade’s family and the kids’ got some more gifts.  They were very spoiled this Christmas, no different from any other I guess… very lucky kids!  After Mimi’s, Wade headed down to the camp and I took the kids to my parents’ house.  Dad had cooked gumbo and I was really looking forward to it – it was delicious, as always!  We spent a pretty relaxing evening there and since I hadn’t taken any pictures of the kids since that morning, I sat them in front of the tree for pictures in their Christmas clothes.  I love Emelyn’s little dress that Ms. Debbie gave her for her birthday, it was one of my favorite Christmas dresses (she had 4 different ones LOL)

Not the greatest photo of them and Emelyn was mostly undressed (she had a bow, stockings and white shoes on) but you get the point – at least they sat still long enough for me to take it.

Then we had grandpa jump in for one … Grammy wouldn’t take any pictures because she was in her PJs :-)

I spent the rest of the evening helping my mom get up to speed on all of her new technology.  Dad got her a Kindle and an IPod Touch for Christmas, so I got them set up and showed her how to work them.

Saturday morning, I was able to spend a couple of hours at the mall.  My mom had given me a wallet FULL of gift cards (about 16 of them!) so I did a little shopping and returned a couple of things I had bought a couple of weeks ago.  By the time I was finished with that, it was time to get the kids ready to head to the camp.  Wade’s family was going to meet us down there and spend the night, watching the kids for us while I went to my uncle’s surprise party.  We wound up meeting at Lil G’s for lunch, then heading down.  The kids got more gifts – some great toys and precious clothes for Emelyn – then Wade and I headed out for our night at Margaritaville!  Blog post coming up with photos from the party!

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Pretty in Pink

“Santa” brought me some awesome gifts this year, which actually isn’t unusual.  My wonderful husband always does a fantastic job of choosing my gifts.  This year, he added to my photography stash and I took the following photos while playing with my new lens and softbox … I was quite nervous when I put this thing together and saw how big it was.  I still am a little unsure if I’ll be able to use it until I have a studio space because it simply takes up too much room, but it sure was fun to play with!  I also got a new shoot-thru umbrella, so I may  have to stick with that until I have the space for this monster!

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