Tea for Two

These are some  photos from one of THREE tea parties that grammy let the kids have last weekend.  I’m not sure who the little pink tea set belongs to … I think Grammy might have bought it for Emelyn when we were in Jamaica … but both kids love playing tea party (especially when there’s real teal in the pot and tiny little cakes to share!)

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I love that most of my high school friends have kids now, especially when we get together for playdates (which actually isn’t often, but who’s counting?)  Last week, Rebecca, Tobie and I got together for a small playdate with our babies.  The kids all had a blast, even Hayden who towers over the babies, but he’s really sweet with the little ones.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay all that long, so I hope we can do it again really soon and maybe Dana can come next time ;-)

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4th Day in Jamaica

When you stay at Sandals in Jamaica, you can take a shuttle to a few of the other resorts in the area, which is kind of nice.  It gives you more restaurants to choose from and also a change of scenery, if you want one.  We decided that since Royal Caribbean was only short 10 minute ride away and it had its own private island, that we wanted to check it out.  Its one of the newer resorts and very nice, like Whitehouse was (the one we went to on our honeymoon).  When we drove up, it really did remind us of Whitehouse … its grander and more spread out.  It looks nicer and a bit more expensive than Montego Bay … but we also noticed that the people weren’t as friendly and were mostly older.  We figured that because its more expensive, the guests are probably a little different from Montego Bay, which is less expensive and known as the livelier resort.  After breakfast at their buffet restaurant (same exact food, but we like ours better) we walked around for a few minutes then got on the little boat that took us to the island.  The island is pretty neat … very small and private with a tiny pool, bar and a  Thai restaurant.

There were lots of little nooks that couples could cozy up in and we came up on a little bridge with a sign that said “Exotic Adventures – Clothing Optional.”  Hmmmm … do you think we braved it?

Well, this would be a photo of Wade shortly after being scarred for life … why is it that the people who decide that clothing is indeed optional are the ones that clothing should be mandatory for??  I guess we figured no one would be  naked on that beach, at least, I figured that but as soon as we got over the little bridge, we saw a pretty old couple, sunbathing naked and the first thing I saw was the man’s privates … OMG is all I have to say LOL

Despite this, though, the area was beautiful and secluded, so we rounded a corner where we could no longer see the naked couple and decided to stay there.  Wade really wanted to snorkel in this area because of the rocks and grass that he could explore in the shallow water, so I settled onto a lounge chair with my book while he played in the ocean.

I was still VERY sunburnt, so I stayed in the shade most of the day!  You can see how badly my thighs were burnt … look how pink!

After reading, wandering around a bit, getting a drink and taking a dip in the pool, I got bored and went to visit Wade out in the water.  He made me take the mask and snorkel for a minute, but I honestly don’t get half of the enjoyment out of it as he does, so I went back and read some more.  We noticed the sky was darkening and decided to head back to our resort.  When we caught the little boat back, we could see the storms rolling in over the mountains, I was amazed!

We literally watched it coming closer and closer to us:

And by the time we hit the resort, you couldn’t see the mountains at all:

We caught a bus back to our resort and headed straight for Bayside to get something to eat.  Lunch wasn’t too great, but we did run into John.  He and Patti were supposed to go with us to Royal Caribbean, but they had called that morning saying that Patti was sick.  She wound up being sick all day and we didn’t see her at all.  John ate lunch with us, though, and we talked a lot about photography, which was fun.

I think we may have napped, but I don’t remember, then we had to get ready for our reservations at Stewfish that night.  This is the seafood restaurant and its right on the beach.  We were lucky that we had one of the first reservations, so we had a table right in front, on the beach and got to watch the sunset.

The boat in the foreground is what the guy next to us called the “ganja boat.”  These guys would paddle up and down the beach selling shells and “other things” if you wanted it.  Wade bought a huge conch shell from one of them and as soon as the security guards saw us walking towards him, they came and stood with us, watching the man to make sure he wouldn’t hassle us.

Although I wasn’t too impressed with my overall meal, I did LOVE my appetizer, which was scallops cooked in some way with some kind of seasoning LOL

Although that’s the end of the photos from the night, it definitely wasn’t the end of our night.  It actually wound up being one of our crazier nights.  We were at the pub and I had decided that I would be drinking margaritas that night.  I asked the bartender, Rashell, what kind of fruity margarita he could make and he said there were 52 different flavors of margaritas.  Of course, this sounded like a fun challenge to me, so I started calling out numbers and he would make me whatever flavor that was … I went through blackberry, cherry, coconut, banana and strawberry that night!  As we were sitting there, John came in to order some food, so we wound up chatting with him.  While we were sitting there, all of a sudden, loud dance music comes on and by this point, who knows what number margarita I was on, so I just jumped up and started dancing with all the “playmakers” that were there.  The playmakers are employees of Sandals and their job is to pretty much make sure that the guests have fun.  Our last day there, one of them told us that they are supposed to know all the guests by name, that’s crazy!  But they are all very good at their jobs and we had an absolute blast that night.  I love love love watching Jamaicans dance … and had the girls teaching me how to shake my butt like they do LOL  It was a great night, one of the bests of the week!

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