With her “boyfriend”

Emelyn came with me a couple of weeks ago when I photographed Nick, my good friend’s little boy (the one that I always said I want her to marry LOL)  They were so cute walking around Lafraniere Park, looking and pointing at the ducks, so I snapped a few of them together.  He calls her “Em-a-yin” and she calls him “Nit” :-)

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Camp Day

After shooting a wedding until late Friday night, Wade and I didn’t have anything planned for the next day and had to be in New Orleans early on Sunday, so we decided on a last minute trip to the camp.  We loaded up the kids and headed down there, arriving about 1pm or so.  We took a boat ride down to my dad’s camp and hung out there for a while, then spent the rest of the afternoon at Wade’s dad’s camp.   The kids both love boat rides, but it started raining when they tried to go out, so they came back quickly.  The rain didn’t last long, though, so Pawpaw took them out back to throw rocks and play in the water.  This isn’t an activity that I usually allow them to partake in … actually, I kind of freaked out the first time I heard that Emelyn was wading in the bayou out back, but I think I overreacted a bit.  The water is only about a foot deep and there was so much commotion, splashing, etc. that I don’t think there was anything living within a mile of us LOL   I took some pictures of the kids splashing and walking around the water and I even did some splashing and wading myself … amazing how a daiquiri and a few beers can knock the fear right out of me :-)

When did this little girl replace my baby??

This is what I get when I ask him to pose for a photo these days … yeah, his 5 year portraits are going to be FUN!  LOL

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Long Day

Well, once again, my son is a medical mystery. My heart breaks every time something is wrong with Hayden and this summer has been worse than ever. He has had “mild” eczema since he was 5 months old and since then, we’ve been to pediatricians, dermatologists and even an allergist – trying to get a hold on the problem. This summer has been a rough one.

First, back in June, my cousin Kelly and I took the kids on a road trip to Charlotte to visit Wades family. We all had lots of fun and did lots of fun things. On our 5th day there, on our way home from Carowinds Amusement Park, Hayden’s breathing became labored and he starred to run fever. It got worse through the night, so I brought him to Urgent Care first thing in the morning. Two breathing treatments and an x-ray later, pneumonia. By the time we got home and made it to his pediatricians two days later – it was cleared up.

A couple weeks later, we noticed a perfectly round bald spot on his bead that he’d been itching. The pediatrician took a sample but sent us home with a huge bottle of nasty oral medicine and a diagnosis of ring worm. Almost 2 months later, at another visit, I asked his regular doctor to re-test to make sure it was gone. Well, the original culture had come back negative and no one told me. For 5 weeks I had been giving him a daily dose of this medicine that he didn’t need. She said the bald patch was probably alopecia but I was extremely annoyed that they didn’t call me and tell me about the negative result weeks before.

Another few weeks later and I brought him back for these bumps he had all over his bottom… it  was covered in them.  His pediatrician wasn’t sure what it was but suspected it was something called molluscum contagiosum.  She couldn’t be sure because they were a bit inflamed, so she sent us home with some cream to calm it down.  About a week later, he had another rash on his upper arms, so I brought him to a dermatologist.  The dermatologist confirmed the bald patch on his head was alopecia and the bumps on his bottom were molluscum.  I don’t remember what the rash on his arms is called, but its all related to his eczema – the immunity of his skin is low, so he’s more susceptible to other skin conditions.  Molluscum is a viral skin infection that typically produces just a few wart-like bumps.  Most cases can be left to clear up on their own but Hayden has TONS of these bumps so the doctor gave me some medicine to clear it up.

And that brings us to the last 2 days … the day before yesterday, Hayden was complaining that his bottom hurt and I figured he just didn’t wipe well, so I soaked him in a bath and put powder on him.  We had a relaxing Saturday night, watching movies and eating popcorn, just the two of us.  The next morning, he said it felt better, but a little while after he woke up, he had an accident in his pants because he said it hurt and he didn’t want to go to the bathroom.  I left for work around 10am and Wade texted me later that he wasn’t feeling good.  When I got home around 3:30, he had just woken up and seemed like he was in pain.  He moved very slowly and wouldn’t sit up, stand or walk.  I tried to get him to stand and he wouldn’t, saying his stomach hurt.  When I touched his stomach area, he cried and he felt a little warm, so Wade and I were worried.  Wade’s appendix burst when he was little and his mom just had hers out last year, so we didn’t want to play around with it.  I took him to the ER in Morgan City, which turned out to be a bigger ordeal than expected.  I had to have Wade come and meet me because they put in an IV, took a urine sample and did a Cat scan.  His white cell count was a little high, which indicates some kind of infection and the doctors said the tenderness was worst on the right side.  They couldn’t see his appendix in the scan because there was a lot of stool blocking it.  Our options were to go home and bring him back in the morning, stay overnight at Teche in Morgan City or be transferred to Women’s and Children’s in Lafayette, which is where his pediatrician is.  We decided to transfer b/c we love this hospital and have always had great experiences here.  Both Hayden and Emelyn were born here and when Hayden had feeding issues and jaundice, we stayed some extra days and everyone was wonderful.

Hayden screamed for about an hour about his IV so they eventually gave him some demerol, which knocked him out.  He slept about 1 1/2 hours and woke up when they brought the stretcher in to take him into the ambulance.  Thankfully, they let Wade sit on the stretcher and hold him because I think he would have freaked out if he had to be strapped into it alone.  I followed behind them with Emelyn in the car and we got to Women’s and Children’s around 9pm.

Here’s a very dark, crooked shot of the ambulance as I was behind them, I knew Hayden would enjoy seeing it, though!

They sent us to the ER and we wound up staying in the triage area for over 5 hours.  They had to do another Cat scan using rectal dye to hopefully get a clearer picture.  Wade took him to do that and when they got back, he left to go to my sister’s with Emelyn and get some sleep.  Hayden and I laid in bed and watched TV, played games on my phone and looked at old pictures while we waited on the results of the scan.  His tummy was still tender to the touch but he was in a good mood and was smiling, talking, etc.  He loved the ambulance ride and said it was “fun and a bumpy ride.”  He even let me take a picture  of him in his cute tiger gown:

Finally, after midnight, the doctor came in with the results … still can’t see the appendix but they can tell the area is inflamed.  I asked what that could mean and he mentioned colitis and gastritis.  The doctor is Asian and is kind of hard to understand,  so that’s really all I could get.  He also said they would be admitting us and would consult with Hayden’s pediatrician and a surgeon on the morning.

We were FINALLY put into a room right before 2am … Hayden kept asking when we were going in the “nap room” because he wanted to watch a movie.  He hadn’t slept at all since before the ambulance ride and didn’t seem tired at all.  A nurse came in and hooked him back up to IV fluids … he has also been asking for food, but he isn’t allowed to have any food or drink :-(  The fact that he wants to eat is a good sign because usually with appendicitis you don’t have an appetite and can be nauseous.  Once the nurse was done, I put in a movie (How the Grinch Stole Christmas is what he chose to watch) and I dozed off while he watched it.  I woke up after a little while and noticed he was asleep so I turned it off.  The nurse came in at 4am to check his temperature and it was down to 97, so no fever, another good sign.  At 6am someone came in from the lab to draw blood; I thought they’d use the IV, but he said no, they’d have to stick him.  He was sound asleep and I dreaded him  having to get stuck again … the guy got him prepped while he slept and then talked him through what he was doing.  Hayden didn’t wake up, though, until they stuck the needle in and he woke up screaming.  I felt so horrible and he just cried and said, “Mommy, mommy, mommy.”  Thankfully, the nurse was very quick and it was all over in just a few seconds.  Hayden cried for about 30 seconds and went back to sleep.  He’s still sleeping now and I hope they let him sleep a while longer.  I’m not sure what time the doctors are coming in, but my mom and dad are on there way and I’m sure I’ll hear from Wade soon as well.

I’ll definitely be updating through the day, probably by Facebook, so that our family can see what’s going on!  Please keep our little guy in your prayers.  One of the doctors in the ER said it could be appendicitis or just a “really expensive” case of constipation … we are definitely praying its the latter.  I’ve been thinking that its highly possible because the molluscum could have been making it painful for him to use the bathroom over the last few weeks.  He said the bumps don’t hurt, but the medicine has dried them out and made them look red and painful.  There are some in an area that could be bothersome to him if he’s trying to go, so maybe he’s been holding it the last couple of weeks.  Hopefully we’ll know more very soon!

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