Day 7 – A Place I’ve Traveled To

It comes down to 2 places that I love more than any other – Disney World and Jamaica.  But after our last trip to Disney, which wasn’t all that great, I’ll have to say this post will be about Jamaica – specifically, Sandals.

Wade and I chose Sandals Whitehouse for our honeymoon over 3 years ago and had the time of our lives.  Jamaica has such beautiful beaches and we also love the people there.  When Wade surprised me and booked another Sandals vacation this past summer, I was thrilled.  This time, we chose Sandals Montego Bay.  There are quite a lot of differences between the two resorts, but the Sandals quality was there for both.  Whitehouse is more spread out, newer and quieter – also more expensive.  The guests there are a lot more reserved and keep to themselves.  We made friends with one of the employees, a guy named Inoki, and spent a good deal of our time on the beach, talking with him.  Although Whitehouse was a bit nicer, Montego Bay was by far, our favorite.  Everyone was so friendly and there as a much  more social atmosphere.  We made friends with several employees there and would spend our evenings hanging out with them at the Pub or wherever else we wanted to be.

I don’t think I need to say much more, there’s plenty of information and photos of our vacation on my blog, starting with this post here:

Jamaica – Day 1

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Homeschool Activities

About a month ago, I decided to pull Hayden out of preschool and start homeschooling him.  I had a few reasons for doing this, but mainly, he was bored doing the same exact things they did last year and I felt that it wasn’t doing him any good.  I knew that he would benefit much more with one on one attention, focusing on the things he needs to work on. Hayden LOVES homeschool (or “fake” school as he calls it LOL) … every morning, he can’t wait to head to the studio for school.  We always start out with our calendar, practicing the days of the week, learning what month and year it is and counting down the days until special occasions.  This particular morning, he was excited because he got to go to school in his jammies (why fight with him??)

Hayden is very smart and knows a lot; he has an amazing memory and so far, seems like he’s going to be great with numbers ,just like his daddy.  But he needs some work with his fine motor skills, specifically writing and drawing.  He can’t really draw shapes well and struggles with writing his name.  I decided that instead of making him write letters over and over again (especially when it doesn’t seem to be helping) that we should work on the basic skills first.  I found a blog called Confessions of a Homeschooler that has a ton of great ideas for homeschooling a preschooler.  Her Letter of the Week curriculum seems like its really great; I just personally don’t have the time to prepare all of the things she does.  However, she did post an article on the ways you can improve fine motor skills.  I’ve started putting a few of them together for Hayden to do and the great things is that Emelyn can do them as well.  I’ve gotten several other ideas over the net so over the last couple of weeks we have:

– put red paint into a gallon Ziplock bag for Hayden to practice writing letters with his fingers.  He also likes to just draw on it

– made pumpkin pie playdough – playdough is great for fine motor skills.  I give the kids plastic spoons, knives and forks so they can cut and mold the dough

– I give them each a couple of pipe cleaners and put out a small bowl of beads for them to string on the pipe cleaners.  At first, I didn’t think Em could do it, but after Hayden showed her one or two, she was quickly doing it on her own, saying “I did it!” after each one LOL

This past week, we focused on Halloween activities, for obvious reasons.  Everything we did had something to do with the holiday.  For math, we sorted and counted out Halloween candy then we measured things with it:

Turns out, my 10×20 storyboard is 6 1/2 Hershey’s long :-)

Another activity I found online is called “Spider webbing” – I don’t think its educational in any way, but Hayden sure enjoyed it!  I just handed him a ball of yarn and told him to spider web the kitchen.  Clean up was as easy as a pair of scissors LOL

And the last Halloween themed activity that we did was to make pumpkin ooze … we did this last night when my sister and her kids were over.  You mix cornstarch with water to make this very strange stuff … the consistency is so weird and we really enjoyed playing with it.  It looks like a liquid when its sitting on a surface, but when you touch it, it breaks like a solid.  When you hold it up, it drips like a slime … so fun LOL  No photos of that, though, but lots of fun!

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Emelyn’s Camp Birthday

Emelyn’s actual birthday was on a Saturday and my parents had made plans with my godparents to go down to dad’s camp for the day.  Since it was also Wade and Dad’s birthday weekend, we all went and spent the day together.  We gave Emelyn her birthday presents and had a cake for her.  It was a nice, relaxing day, pretty filled with doing a whole lotta nothing :-)  Emelyn loves being at the camp and looked so cute in her new camouflage dress that Grammy gave her for her birthday.

The morning (late morning LOL) started off with breakfast at Parrot Pete’s.  Emelyn is pretty difficult in restaurants because she doesn’t like to sit still, so we kept her occupied by taking her out to see the pond, letting her play with the decorations in the restaurant and teaching Debbiedee how to use the IPod:

No Debbiedee, you are doing it wrong … here, let me show you:

After a delicious breakfast – Emelyn thoroughly enjoyed her “butterfly waffle” as well as my grits – we headed down to the camp.  Emelyn took a very short cat nap, falling asleep with the IPod in her hand:

She immediately wanted her life jacket on when we got down to the camp, I’m very glad that she likes to wear it b/c the dock doesn’t have any railings or anything.  She snacked on a couple of powdered donuts as well:

This is mom’s “I really don’t want to be here” face:

Dad just got this riding lawnmower, so he took Hayden for a ride.  He tried to take Emelyn, but she was scared.  Hayden was laughing so hard the whole time, he really enjoyed it!

We got Emelyn a little dollhouse for her birthday, she really likes it:

She played with it for a bit, but then got distracted by her “bo bo”

Soon it was time for some birthday cake!

And Emelyn finally warmed up to Debbiedee …

She even got some hugs and kisses:

Emelyn is starting to try jumping and its so funny because she can’t really get off of the ground:

So that was Emelyn’s 2nd birthday!  I hope you had a great time baby girl, we love you so much!

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