Easter Sunday

Hayden woke up first on Easter Sunday, so just he and I got up and I let him open his basket.  He was so funny going through it, he would stop and hold each thing up, posing with it or making faces.  He loved all of his stuff and and it was killing him that Em wasn’t up opening her basket.  He kept trying to peek at hers, he wanted to open it so bad!  She woke up soon after and opened all her stuff, loving it all.  The Easter bunny really knows what they like!  Later that day, everyone started cooking lunch and some more family came to visit.  We all ate and hung out, letting the kids play outside, go to the water park and hunt eggs.  Wade had to leave earlier in the day so he could get home for work the next day, but the kids and I stayed one more night and headed home in the morning.

Looking so happy in her pretty Easter dress LOL

The next few photos are funny to me because I remember how hectic and uncooperative the kids were … we can never get decent pictures of these kids together!

Aah, at least one decent one, not nearly perfect though!

My son refuses to dress up for a costume party because he doesn’t want to look silly, yet he’ll walk around on a normal day like this:

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Easter Weekend – Day 1 {Water and Trails}

Every Easter, our family takes a small trip for the weekend and since Avery was only a month old, we didn’t want to go far this year.  We rented 3 cabins at Bogue Chitto campground and spent a couple of nights there.  The cabins were new and very nice – the kids and I stayed with my parents, my sister and her family had a cabin, then Aunt Debbie and her family had the other cabin.  Everyone took turns cooking the various meals and we’d go to whatever cabin had the food.  Our first full day there, we spent some time at the water park and explored the area around the cabins a little.  There were trails that led from cabin to cabin and the kids liked to walk back and forth, checking things out.

She’s so prissy, not wanting to get TOO wet!

Hayden spent the whole time on the little waterslide they had:

I love the next few photos of Hayden, they are so HIM

And these pictures of my kids make my heart smile … well, besides the grumpy expression on Hayden’s face, Em’s crocs and Hayden’s mismatched shoes LOL

She loves her big brother soooo much!

Later that afternoon, Kelly, Uncle Gabe, Eleni and I went for a little “hike” to try and find some kind of natural area we had read about.  Em came too and I had to carry her the whole time.  It was a really pretty trail, but we didn’t see anything too interesting:

See the pinkish areas of this little hill?  Apparently there used to be a ton of this in the area.  There was a photo posted of it at the beginning of the trail but the photo was from the 40’s or somethign LOL

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