Bubble Snakes

Last night, we had a few friends over and while we were hanging out on our new deck, waiting for the turkey and ribs to finish smoking, I let the kids play bubbles.  A few weeks ago, I saw this idea on another blog and wanted to try it.  You cut the bottom off of a water bottle and attach a rag, I used a rubber band.  Then you just dip the rag in bubbles and blow … it makes these really long bubble snakes that the kids loved!  Afterwards, they started scrubbing the deck and making bubble angels, getting full of bubbles but they had a great time!

And just because I havent gotten a picture of him since he lost his 2nd tooth, here is his new toothless grin:

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New House

You may have already checked out this post where I posted photos of the house we purchased back in May … if not, its ok, I’ll be re-posting the photos here along with the afters.  Before I go further, I have to give my husband the credit he is due … the house that we live in is 100% due to his hard work.  He has done ALL of the work on the house himself.  With the exception of things we had to have professionals for (installing the A/C and siding) he has done it all.  The painting and decorating was mostly my domain, though  he helped a lot with that too.  We both LOVE our home now and comment often how happy we are here.  There are still quite a few things we (he) has left to do, but when you see the “before” you can truly appreciate how far we’ve come!

Here is the front and exterior of the house when we first purchased it.  Most of the work we still have to do is on the exterior (in my opinion) … I want to paint all the white trim a creamy color and we have to do landscaping.  I think that will make a world of difference.  I also want to get some shutters.  The exterior was damaged from Gustave, so we had to replace some siding and have all the trimwork done.

I’ll start with how we usually enter the home and go from there.  We haven’t really done too much to the guestroom, so we’ll skip that.  The laundry room isn’t much to see, so we’ll skip that too. Here is Hayden’s room before:

And here is Hayden’s dinosaur room after:

Next is the guest bath:

Here is the After:

Across the hall is Emelyn’s Room:

And the after:

Now we’ll just travel down the hallway, towards the living room – it still needs to be painted:

Here’s the living room before:

And the after … we got a new sofa but the living room till needs to be painted … you can see the paint swatches on the walls in some of the photos:

See my canvases on the floor, all ready to be hung above the fireplace?   I just need to paint!

Here is the foyer before:

Here’s the after, with our hutch that I’m so very proud of … it belonged to Wade’s Gigi and he got it when she passed away.  I recently cleaned it up and repainted the inside, filling it with frames and antique cameras:

Some of the frames are still empty because I’m filling it up with photos of our parents and grandparents from their childhood and I’m still waiting on some.  The cameras belong to Wade’s dad and my grandpa:

That’s a photo of my grandparents in the background … I also have one of my grandpa as a baby where he looks like Emelyn and one of my mom and her sisters when they were kids:

Book bundles similar to these can be seen throughout the Pottery Barn and Ballard catalogs; I just made some by getting some old paperbacks from goodwill and tying them with twine:

Next is the dining room which we turned into the kids’ playroom:

And here’s the playroom after.  We took the kids’ bookcases that Wade made out of their rooms and put them in here.  The couch is from my studio and we got a flat screen TV for the space so we could hook up the Xbox and DVD player:

Love this sign I got on clearnance at Hobby Lobby:

Then there’s the kitchen, which we tore out and completely redid:

And here’s the kitchen after … Wade and I love this room.  We still have to do the backsplash and crown molding, but its one of my favorite rooms.  We turned the pass through into a bar area:

We tend to love fleur de lis … we have them all over the house.

And finally, there’s the master bedroom and bath … here’s the bedroom before:

And after … still have to re-do the crown molding and paint the tray ceiling:

And the master bath, before:

This room needed A LOT of work .. we closed in the closet so that instead of bi-fold doors, there is just one door.  Wade tiled the floor and around the tub and we replaced the vanity with a much nicer one.  I just love it!

There’s a separate room for the toilet and shower:

I choose all the decor for this room when our trip to Paris was still planned :-(

Again with the fleur de lis :-)

And that concludes the tour of our house, as it stand right now!  Like I mentioned, there is still plenty of work to be done and there are things that Wade has done that I didn’t post … just recently, he fenced in the backyard (I helped with that project and wound up with a hurt wrist for 2 weeks!)  … as well as a big new deck that he built.  I will be sure to post more pics as we finish up more projects but we are so happy here in Houma in our new home and I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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She loves books …

and princesses and ANYTHING PINK … and when I say anything, I mean EVERYTHING.  The other day we were in the grocery store and she wanted me to buy ham instead of turkey b/c it was pink!  I debated for a long time on her room … I knew I wanted pink and princesses, but I was steering away from the Disney Princesses.  Anything with them tends to be a bit cheap looking in my opinion but I couldn’t seem to find a suitable alternative.  Then I came across this set on the Macy’s website:

It really is very cute and made very well … I’ve already washed it twice and it still looks brand new.  There are details in it that make it look more upscale than your typical Disney Princess stuff … embroidery, ribbon details and pin tucks.

I didn’t want to do the entire room pink, though and I was thrilled when I noticed that her comforter had this really pretty aqua blue color in it.  I found a color that was almost a perfect match.  This light aqua blue has always been my absolute favorite color on Emelyn, see?

From there, the room just came together.  I had decided a while back that I wanted daybeds for both of the kids’ rooms.  Em didn’t have a bed at all and Hayden had a double bed, but there rooms are smaller in this house, so I wanted them to have plenty of room.  Plus, we now had a guest room, so Hayden’s double bed could go in there.  I was able to get this daybed from my grandparents house a few weeks ago.  I gave it a couple of coats of cream spray paint and Emelyn had a new princess bed!  I had kept telling her that we were getting her a princess bed from my grandma’s house and when you asked her where her bed was she’d say “from yours grandma’s house” … too cute.

Both of their beds have pull out, pop up trundles, too, so there’s plenty of room for guests :-)

Once I finally had the bed, I put up all the wall decorations and set her room up.  She has been collecting pink “E”s from Hobby Lobby for months LOL … she’s obsessed with “E for Emelyn” and had to have pink ones whenever she saw them.  I also couldn’t bear to part with the vinyl stickers I had purchased for her nursery since she never really got to enjoy them (for those that don’t know, Emelyn never once slept a day in her nursery, it was more my office than anything) so I was able to salvage them and bring them to this house.  They matched quite well with the color scheme.  Little did I know that they would have a deeper meaning now than when I bought them … they were bought b/c birds were popular at the time and I thought they were cute but since Em has been a baby, Wade has sung her “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley to get her to sleep, so now it just fits with her.

My sister had pinned some princess silhouttes on her Pinterest account and I had an idea to make some prints for Emelyn’s room … I love how these turned out and I’m hoping my sister will sell them in her Etsy store when she opens it!

I had salvaged some shelves from her old room as well but didn’t really have much to put on them.  Then I remembered all the porcelain dolls my mom had given me when I was younger and that I had some of them in the attic.  It was fun to pull them out and give them to Emelyn, showing her and telling her about each one.  She was excited to put them on her shelves.  There are some other meaningful items on the shelves as well.  The green canvas is a painting that Hayden made for Emelyn before she was born, he was 2 1/2 when he did it.  The little rag doll is from our trip to Jamaica last year and the stacking dolls were my sisters; she used to collect them and she gave this set to Emelyn.

This girl has an obsession with books.  All she does all day long is “read” and look at books.

I love that she loves books … its something that I loved when I was her age as well.  We have photos of me, younger than her, sitting in a chair like this reading books.

She actually “reads” them out loud by talking about parts of the story she remembers … my favorite ones that she does this with are Pinkalicious and Purplicious (these are 2 of her favorite books right now)

Every night, we tell her to go get 2-3 books to read before bed and every night, without fail, she shows up with a stack too big to carry …. usually about 20 books.  Most of the time, you can get away with reading only a few of them but don’t even think about putting them on the floor when you are done … no way, the huge stack of books must stay in the bed with her.

I tried to move them after this photo, but she started saying “no, no, no” and reaching for them LOL

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