Memory Lane

I mentioned before that I had gotten a couple of boxes from my grandma’s house and they’ve been sitting in our garage since I brought them home. I wanted to go through them before putting them in the attic, where I’m not likely to see them again for years. One box was full of all my old elementary school things, mostly kindergarten through 5 grade. Report cards, art, projects, certificates, worksheets – I don’t think my mom threw away anything. I think the one thing I found most interesting was all my report cards. I’ve already seen Hayden developing some habits with school that really bother me and in the past, the things that bother me most about him are the ways that he’s most like me – he’s extremely messy, stubborn, doesn’t like to be told what to do, he’s hard to wake up and very, very slow to do things. And now, apparently, his school habits are much like mine. Some of the comments that I read on almost every report card were:
– Student needs to be more responsible (not turning in homework or signed tests)
– Student can put forth more effort
– Jamie has been a bit talktative lately

And so on …. but despite this, I always had A’s and B’s, so you can’t have it all, right? :-)

Being in school for just about a month now, Hayden has already forgotten his homework, red folder and lunch box at school. He is very unorganized and I’ll often find school papers folded up and shoved to the bottom of his bag, rather than put nicely into his folder. As a parent, I’m trying so very hard to give off a “responsible, organized” vibe to his teacher. As soon as he gets home, I go through his folder and immediately take any actions I need to – signing his conduct folder, sending money for pictures or snack, filling out paperwork, whatever. I know that if I don’t do it right then and there, I’ll forget and I don’t want to be THAT PARENT :-)

Hayden seems to have a tiny bit of trouble with talking in class and in the cafeteria and last Friday, he was moved to “yellow” for “throwing game pieces and crawling around on the floor.” I just hope this isn’t behavior that continues. I made him right his teacher an “I’m sorry” note and am crossing my fingers we see all Smiley faces this week!

A few other “gems” I came across in my box … apparently, I did a photography project in 4H when I was 10. I vaguely remember it but it was fun to read over the little report I wrote:

I was a little shocked by an “I don’t like” book that I made in kindergarten. Apparently I don’t like “brochly,” spinach, or “being fat.” Um, I was far from fat in kindergarten and it makes me sad that at that age, I even thought of something like that!

Oh, and anyone who knows me well, knows that this stamp would not have meant pleasant things for me!

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Riding out the Storm

Labor Day weekend wasn’t such a beautiful weekend considering TS Lee parked himself over South Louisiana and dumped a ton of rain on us all.  Hayden and Wade had headed down to the camp to spend the weekend with his dad and Michael so Em and I headed to mom and dad’s to spend the weekend with them.  We had intended to go to the camp on Saturday, but the roads got flooded and the rain was so heavy that we couldn’t make it down there.  It was a weekend of sitting around, trying to keep kids occupied and adults from going crazy.  Mandy and I were able to get a little shopping done on Saturday between squalls (or whatever they call them … one weatherman said “petty showers” whatever that is).


Yes, my niece Avery is still the sweetest and most gorgeous baby ever. She actually falls asleep on anyone and then … get this … lets you put her down in a crib! Out of the 5 grandchildren, she’s the only one that does that!! Its amazing to see LOL

Grammy set up a special Princess tea party for the girls:

And they got to play in the rain

While watching the LSU game on Saturday night, Avery learned the ins and outs of the IPad:

On Monday, we went to my grandparents house so that I could go through some boxes of things that were mine. While walking up the porch steps, we noticed this in the concrete … my 2 year old footprint :-)

And finally, on the way home that afternoon, the sun came out … we hadn’t seen it in almost 4 days!

What a dull, gray, wet weekend that was! But there was good company and plenty of good food (mom cooked roast and chili, dad cooked us some chicken and sausage gumbo).

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Fruit Salsa, Yummy, Yummy!

I came across a recipe for fruit “salsa” on pinterest and had to try it. Emelyn helped me cut all the fruits really small! The original recipe has kiwi but we didn’t have them and we don’t eat them, so we substituted pineapple. Our fruit salsa recipe was as follows:

– 1 green apple
– 1 red apple
– 1/2 of 1 fresh pineapple (you could use canned but we already had some cut in the fridge)
– 1 container strawberries
– 1 spoon of sugar
– 1 spoon of brown sugar
– 2 spoon of strawberry jam

Mix and either eat by itself or with Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pita chips. Its delicious with the chips, but much less calories without ;-)

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