“Mommy’s” by Jamie Rousselle

Written by myself in about 3-4th grade:

Mommy’s are not just someone who takes care of you. She loves you. She is always there when you need her most.

Mom’s don’t just care for you. They punish you so you won’t do what you did, then you won’t get hurt.

Mom’s work hard to get money to get food and cloths for you to live healthy.

But what do you do back? You whine, cry, & sass.

Then you make your mom thinks you don’t apretiat her. She gets upset.

So you should be nice and appretiate what she does.

Write what you think about daughters.

Daughters are wonderful little things, they make their moms beautiful cards. They are a lot of work for moms, but it is worth it. Sometimes they think their moms don’t love them, and their moms pick on them. Their moms always saying clear your room, brush your hair, don’t eat that, eat your meat, but moms only do that because they care. You see I was a little daughter once, so I know what its like. But I’m glad my mom made me do all those things so that I didn’t grow up lazy.

Daughters are also fun to buy clothes for even though as you get older, our taste gets a lot different. But I understand, you should like the clothes for you. Sometimes moms can be mean, and thats apart of being human. Moms can also be wrong sometimes. Daughters can make mistakes too. Moms have to remember that.

“I love you mommy”

I love to hear that from daughters.


This little booklet is about to go up in the attic and I wanted to share it because I thought it was funny :-) I love you mom!

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Carnival Cruise – Montego Bay

I guess in the first post, it didn’t sound like we had much fun on our trip, but we really did enjoy our port days!  It was hard to be cooped up on a ship with 2 small kids and not much to do but we had a blast once we got off!  Again, all of these pictures are cell phone pics and hopefully I’ll be able to get some from Wade’s dad, he took lots!

I mentioned in our last post that when we woke up, we could just barely see Jamaica on the horizon and as the morning went on, the mountains got bigger and bigger:


I was so excited. Jamaica is truly one of my favorite places. Wade and I have been there twice in the past and we are going again in March. Although we haven’t had much experience with anything but the Sandals resorts (we don’t go wandering around town or anything), what I truly love most is the people. We have met so many wonderful people while visiting Jamaica and it just feels so relaxed and comfortable when we are there.

Wade and Hayden had gone up to breakfast so Em and I sat on the balcony, watching Jamaica get closer and taking photos. She took this one of me:

And was still refusing to take photos FOR me:


Hayden is always willing, though!


The water doesn’t look very clear here b/c the ship was kicking up sand from the bottom, but the water is beautiful. I do admit that Grand Cayman water was much prettier, but Jamaica is still my favorite :-)

The kids’ first of many bus rides with no car seats in pretty precarious driving situations!

Yay, we’re all excited to be off the ship!

For our day in Montego Bay, we got all-inclusive passes for the Sunset Beach Resort through jamaicaforaday.com. It was a great price and we really enjoyed the day. The cab ride took just about 5-10 minutes:

And before too long, we were relaxing in the Jamaican sun with our first fruity frozen drinks! The bartender made this concoction just for Emelyn!


Wade and Hayden immediately went off snorkeling while the rest of us just relaxed and enjoyed the water:

This was an accidental photo, but I like it … see, crystal clear!

Emelyn asked me to take her on the kayaks, but after about 10 minutes, I couldn’t get very far b/c it was getting so windy. Wade and Hayden jumped in and they all went for a ride:

And this was my view for a while … relaxing on a comfortable chair, on the beach, in the sun with a pina colada in hand (all drinks were included!)

Emelyn liked “floating” on the chair:

Nothing to do but relax and watch the kids enjoy the beach:

I alternated from the chair in the water to the chair on the beach:

After a couple of hours, we were getting hungry, so we headed up to the buffet, which was also included. There was quite a bit to choose from and although it was typical buffet food, it wasn’t bad. Once we ate, we decided to find a place by the pool. This resort had a couple of pools, but there was one really cool one that had a lazy river and 2 large water slides. There was a very shallow area with these water sprays that the kids played in and again, I just went back and forth between laying in the pool and laying on a chair. Very fun and very relaxing! The kids loved the water slides, especially Emelyn!

After another couple of hours, we were all worn out and ready to head back to the ship.

Wade had been looking forward to having someone sing “Three Little Birds” for Emelyn. He’s been singing this song to her since she was a baby, its “her song.” On the way to the ship, he gave these guys some money to play for her.

Here’s a video of it … please excuse all the yelling and fussing I’m doing in the background. Hayden had ran ahead and was already on board the ship right behind Mr. Wade and Jess but I had his card. He’s pretty hard headed and wouldn’t come back to us!

And that was our relaxing and very fun day in Jamaica, which pretty much made up our minds that the next time we do a family vacation, its going to be to Beaches in Jamaica! We all passed out pretty early that night, resting up for our day with the sting rays in Grand Cayman!

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How to Make Mom Cry

My sister found a very simple way – buy her a cherished doll from her childhood that got burned in a fire.  Mandy found the doll online months ago and even tracked down her original outfit, all in perfect condition.

The original Suzy Smart doll:

And her replacement:


We surprised mom with it for her birthday last weekend and her reaction was priceless.




The girls all but attacked the doll:


And I think the gift was a success:


We love you mom and miss you! Can’t wait for you to get back from your vacation!

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