Greenwood Gator Farm

Wade’s family always tries to come on Christmas or the day after to spend some time with the kids and exchange gifts with them.  During the few days they were here, I wanted to do something different since we usually just sit around the house or go out to eat.  I found the Greenwood Gator Farm online and we decided to take the kids there.  It wasn’t really the right time of year to visit because there wasn’t anything going on, but it was still interesting and the kids loved it, especially when they got to hold the baby alligators at the end.  I think I’m going to try and take them back this summer when the baby alligators are incubating and hatching.

While waiting for the tour to start, we took some pics of the kids just playing around:

We rode on a trailer around the property to the different areas:

The kids got to see how they incubate the alligator eggs.  They didn’t have any real ones but they had some fake ones in the boxes they use:

I think he was explaining the poster to her

An alligator skin placed on a light box … they do this to make sure there are no tears in the skin which makes it useless.

They both chose to hold the one baby alligator that didn’t have tape on its mouth.  It wasn’t really strong enough to hurt  them badly, but it still had a mouthful of needle-like teeth!

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Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was pretty relaxing.  Wade’s dad and sister had spent the night so they were able to watch the kids open their gifts and play with their new toys.  The kids had a great time and got lots of fun toys.  Hayden’s favorite was a set of drums and I think Emelyn loved her bike and baby dolls.  Wade tricked me by making me think my “big” gift was a robotic vacuum along with a crock pot, then he handed me a third gift which was an IPad.  I was shocked but very excited!

After spending some time watching the kids play, we got dressed and headed to New Orleans to see our families.  Emelyn and I went over to my parents to see them for a bit then we met up with Wade and Hayden at Wade’s aunt’s house.  After leaving there, we went back to my parents to have Christmas dinner then headed home.  Christmas day is also stressful and hectic because there is always so much driving around, but its important to spend time with all of our families!

This is always my favorite photo, the sleepy, excited look when they first see their stacks of toys!

A lot of people think I’m crazy for getting Hayden a drum set but he actually isn’t annoying with it.  He doesn’t just go nuts and bang on it, he actually makes up beats, so its not nearly as painful to the ears as it could be!  Its when Emelyn or his cousins get in there that it starts to get obnoxious!

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Christmas Eve

Christmas is always a bit stressful for me only because I wish we had traditions that happened every year like when I was little.  Our family rotates between going to a campground for Christmas one year and then doing our own thing the next.  This past Christmas was one of the “do your own thing” Christmases and my mom asked if we could do Christmas Eve at our house since its centrally located between my parents in New Orleans and my family in Lafayette.  This was actually great for us because it kept us from having to drive back late on Christmas Eve.  It was nice to have everyone over at our house, everyone brought food and we exchanged gifts and spent time together.  I wish I would have taken more photos but things were pretty hectic and it just didn’t happen!

The girls each got a really cute baby carriage with monogrammed blankets:

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