Disney Trip – Day 2 – Magic Kingdom (Part 1)

Looking back on all of the photos from our first official day in Disney, I realize now that Hayden was feeling bad all day.  I feel terrible for not seeing it during that day and just thinking he was tired from the late night before, but you can tell by the circles under his eyes and just the way he looks that he was feeling bad :-(  We realized pretty late in the day, I think once we got back to the hotel, that he was running a fever.  It was so hot during the day, it was hard to recognize that he was warm.  I’m glad we had a chance to do some of the rides he liked best over, later in the trip, so he could enjoy them when he was feeling better!

Anyway, on to our 2nd day ….

Because we had to check in to All Star Movies BEFORE heading to the parks (our park tickets were linked to the room key, so you had to be checked in to get them), we woke up very early in order to get it all done and still get to Magic Kingdom for rope drop.  I was a little tense this morning and might have snapped at poor Wade a few times LOL.  We arrived at ASMo about 8am and had a very quick and smooth check-in.  The cast member that helped us was very friendly, a great start to our vacation.   We left our car parked in the lot at the front of the hotel and hopped in line for the bus to Magic Kingdom by 8:20:



We got through bag check and the gates just in time to see the opening ceremony, about 8:55 … I got so excited and teary-eyed watching this!  Wade picked up Hayden out of the stroller and held him up so he could see Mickey for the very first time!  It was also the very first time I’d see that my son doesn’t ever react to things the way I want him to … I don’t think he cracked a smile!


And here’s the crowd on Main Street at opening … 8:58 according to my camera.  This made me a little nervous at first because I didn’t really have anything to compare it to and it looks like SO many people … but look at that view!  Yes, teary-eyed again LOL


But at 9:02 am we reached the castle and stopped to take this photo … notice anything missing??


Where did all the people go??  Would this be a good sign for the rest of our day??


I could take photos of the castle forever …


Off to Fantasyland with a Touring Plan telling us to hit Dumbo first thing!  This is where things get interesting … we push the stroller up to the stroller parking lot and tell Hayden to hop out.  He refuses … “I don’t want to ride it.”  Wade looks at me with that “I told you so” look and I want to slap him … but I resist, this is Disney World, I must restrain my temper.  So I start trying to convince Hayden how fun it will be and he continues to refuse.  Somehow, we get him out of the stroller and drag him over to the Dumbo line.  I try over and over to convince him that he does want to ride.  Wade finally tells me to leave him alone and he’ll take care of it… for 15 minutes, we stand in line and I worry that he will cause a scene when we try to put him in the ride.  Fortunately, he gets in and seems to have an “ok” time … no smiles or anything, but no crying either.  Emelyn and I ride together right in front of them and I was too busy taking pictures of Hayden to check her face and see if she was enjoying herself (bad mama!)


After Dumbo, we beeline it for our next ride on the plan, Winnie the Pooh, which has about a 5 minute wait.  Its steadily getting hotter outside, even at 9:30 in the morning, but so far, so good …



We all loved this ride, finally, a smile from Hayden!  I love how the Hunny Pot bounces along with Tigger and when the “rain rain rain comes down down down” … so cute!


Emelyn was fascinated with the ride, she couldn’t look around fast enough …


Love this photo of her <3


Next on our plan is Peter Pan, we’re really knocking out the rides pretty quickly!  I think we waited about 10 minutes for PP, the kids liked this one as well.  Here we are in line … I have to say, this carrier was a life saver on this trip.  Emelyn spent 75% of her time in it and although it was hot, it wasn’t unbearable.  I used it on my back a couple of times, which was much easier on MY back, but it was harder to put on and off b/c I needed Wade to help me.  When she was on the front like this, I could unbuckle it for her to sit on my lap during rides and quickly buckle  it back once the ride was done.  For anyone curious, its an Action Baby Carrier that I got on sale for $55 (they are usually around $70, I think?)




By 10:30 or so, we had conquered Fantasyland … after Peter Pan, we hit Small World, Snow White and Philharmagic.  I was going to skip Snow White b/c I didn’t want to scare Hayden, but Wade insisted on trying it.  I felt terrible once we were on it b/c it really is a scary ride, but Hayden did ok.  We learned that he does ok on scary rides by just closing his eyes if its something to see or holding his ears if its loud.  Philharmagic was one of our favorites during the whole trip, what a cute show!  I love all the effects and Hayden loves the end (which I won’t give away and ruin any surprises).  I also was able to nurse Emelyn in this show, a nice perk :-)


Now here is where my Disney “geekiness” will come out a bit … for months and months leading up to this trip, I’ve loaded my IPod with 3 different Disney Podcasts, all of which I love for one reason or another.  The very first one I discovered was WDW Radio by Lou Mongello.  We’ve listened to him so often in the car, that Hayden started asking to listen to “Lou Mon-jumbo” or “The Disney World” man.  I’ve gotten him to watch Mary Poppins with me by telling him it was Lou Mongello’s favorite movie and he knew about the “Tiki Tiki Tiki Room” from the podcast as well.  As we were heading past the sword in the stone, I noticed a guy in a white polo with a microphone and I realized immediately that it was Lou.  I felt like a bit of a dork, but Wade looked at me and said “Do you want to talk to him?”  He was kind of smirking at me b/c he knew I was excited and that I did want to.  So we stood there watching him film a segment for the podcast and waited to tell him hello.  When he stepped down I just said “You are Lou, right?  We listen to your podcast, I just wanted to say hi.”  He shook our hands and knelt down to talk to Hayden b/c I told him that Hayden listened to him with me.  He was really nice and I enjoyed meeting him :-)

So anyway, after Philharmagic, we headed over to Tomorrowland to hit Buzz Lightyear before lunch.  It was about a 15 minute wait.  I was really excited for Hayden to ride this one because he loves Toy Story, but of course, he again didn’t react like I wanted him to … I have to LOL at this photo.  I bought him 2 pair of sunglasses and a new hat for this trip and then forgot to bring all of it, so we had to buy him some sunglasses.  These are the ones he chose, the little mickey’s swing out to reveal what we called his “Harry Potter” glasses HEE HEE


About 10 minutes in, we saw this guy …


Wade enjoyed the ride, I controlled the cart while he and Hayden did the lasers … I don’t remember the scores, but Wade thought he did pretty well until he saw you could get up to a million points LOL

We were running a few minutes late for our Crystal Palace ADR and we got stuck by the Move it Shake it Parade (or whatever its called) … this was a cute parade, I love how all the bright colors look against the blue sky ….



I’m going to end day 2, part 1 here because I’m really exhausted and starting to feel achy … I guess its my turn for the sickness that Hayden, Wade and Emelyn all shared while we were on vacation …

Did we make our ADR time?  Was the food good?  Did the kids enjoy the characters?  Did we stay in Magic Kingdom or head back for a break, following our plan?

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5 thoughts on “Disney Trip – Day 2 – Magic Kingdom (Part 1)

  1. I’m loving your trip reports (I can tell you have been reading a lot of them…lol). Philharmagic is a favorite of mine too. I love looking for hidden mickey’s in it also :) Todd and I totally had some ‘dumbo’ moments..where I insisted Raelee do it b/c I KNEW she would like it but Todd threw his fit that she will NOT be forced to do something…whatever.

  2. I’m really enjoying following along with your adventures Jamie, great photos!
    So sorry the kids and Wade got sick :-(
    Looking forward to tomorrows entry :)

  3. Oh yeah..and Raelee called PP “the High Boats” when she was 2 when we went. We couldn’t figure out what she was talking about! It took us a few minutes. PP will always be “The High Boats” to us!

  4. a good beginning to the day!!! We never did make it to dumbo felt bad about that one. jack just did not like the philharmonic b/c he wouldn’t wear the glasses…what a weird show to watch without the 3d glasses LOL.

    It was much to hot for us when we went so the rest of us LOVED the philharmonic b/c it was airconditioned and we had fast passes LOL.

    buzz light year was his FAVORITE! we did that one 2 or 3 times.

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