P&S Photos

A couple of months ago, Wade ordered us a small, cheap P&S for him to carry around, to the camp and just to have.  It doesn’t take good photos AT ALL, they are pretty crappy, actually – blurry, grainy, etc.  but there were a few times this weekend when I just didn’t feel like toting around my big camera, so I pulled it out.

The first  night we were there, my parents’ gave the kids their Easter baskets.  The boys each got an IPod Touch … yes, I know its excessive and yes I have made comments in the past about young kids having their own IPods but that was  before I had ever held or used one myself.  My mom got one for Christmas and the kids fight over it all the time.  We put a few kid games on it for them and they love it.  I think mom just wanted to be able to use her own IPod, so now the boys each have one!  Mandy and I took them the night before and filled them with educational preschool apps, TV shows, movies, etc.  They were both thrilled when they saw them in their baskets!  The girls got tons of precious clothes, a baby doll and some other cute things.

The other set of photos are just some more pictures from the dock, enjoy the terrible photos!

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