Amol and Anu’s Wedding

Their wedding was actually almost 3 months ago, 2 weeks after ours, but I had put the pictures on Wade’s computer and just remembered that they were there. Amol and Anu are Indian and had a traditional Indian wedding, which was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen! Wade was one of the groomsmen and had to wear traditional dress. There was so much going on and it literally took up the whole weekend! The first night we attended a party at the bride’s parent’s house which was decorated so beautifully! There was a buffet and later in the night, music and dancing. The groom arrived with a parade of men around him and lots of music and dancing as well. It was so neat! The wedding itself was an all-day event that began with the groom riding in on a horse, surrounded by his family and more music and dancing. Once inside the Hilton, he met the bride’s sisters under an arch and had to give them money until they let him pass. Then the bride and groom’s families exchanged flowered necklaces before the ceremony began, which was about 2 hours long! It was so full of traditions and different rites and rituals, simply amazing! We had to leave after the first part of the ceremony b/c we were leaving early the next morning for our honeymoon, but we were told that the festivities lasted way into the night!

Here are the pics from the events:

Amol and Anu Wedding
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