I have been completely unable to sleep the last 2 nights because all I can think about is this weekend.  First, I have an 8th Grade Graduation ceremony to shoot, Thursday morning.  That should be fairly easy, just individual pictures of each child getting their certificate, then a group picture and some candids at the reception after.  THEN, on Saturday and Sunday, I have my FIRST WEDDINGS!!!  I’ve been preparing for them for months now, tagging along with Corine and Beebe to some of their weddings and they’ve taught me so much!  I’ve got all the gear I need, plenty of SD cards and batteries, so I know that technically, I’m ready to go.  I think now, the actual excitement is starting to set in.  I’m really excited to be able to capture these weddings in my own creative way, and I’m anxious to see how it all turns out!  My Saturday wedding is in Thibodaux and is a church wedding with the reception being held at a restaurant.  Its during the day, so lighting for formals and portraits should be a breeze.  As soon as that wedding is over, we’ll be jumping in the car and heading to Pensacola, FL, where my sister’s friend Jessica will be getting married at noon on the beach.  I’m a bit nervous about the harsh midday sun combined with a white dress, but I know I can handle it.  Overall, I think both weddings will be fun and I can’t wait!

If you want to take a peek, here are the pictures I’ve taken at the weddings I went to with Corine and Beebe:

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