Camera Practice

While Hayden was outside playing the other day, I brought out my camera to practice a few techniques that I want to perfect.  One of them is to get the sky to look blue while using the flash to correctly expose the subject … this is something that can be hard to do without a flash b/c on a bright, sunny day, if you correctly expose the subject, the sky often looks white or very light blue.  Since Jessica’s wedding is one the beach at noon, I want to be able to correctly expose the sky and the water, while still having nice light on my subject.  This is also going to help when I take family beach pictures in June.  I also used Totally Rad actions on these to enhance the colors a bit.  Most of them are not great pictures, but some of them are cute because they are of Hayden :-)

This is another techinique I was trying which creates motion in a picture.  You zoom your lens in or  out with a slow shutter speed so it “zooms” the edges and keeps your subject relatively in focus.  I’ve seen Beebe do this at reception and it creates some cool dancing shots.

This is some of the flowers in our backyard garden that Wade planted.  We have some really pretty ones back there!

And finally, what does a 2 year old do when his mama is busy taking pictures and his daddy is messing with the garden?

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