Menu Plan … Tuesday

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day, considering it was so wet and dreary.  This weekend was so nasty outside with Tropical Storm Lee parking himself over us for 4 days, yuck!  Wade and Hayden were literally stranded down at the camp, the water came up very near the camp and it looked like they were on an island.  My dad’s camp did get a bit of water, probably about an inch and he hasn’t gotten down there to check it out yet.  Wade and Hayden had to drive on the levee to get home because the Hwy was flooded from a levee overtopping.

Anyway, we are all home now, Hayden’s off to school, Em has a nasty runny nose and I’m anxious to go ride my bike in the beautiful weather we are having today … first things first, though – must menu plan, mommy school plan, take care of some work things, grocery shop and clean the house a bit.  I also wanted to wait until it warmed up a tad (strangely enough) because of Em being sick, I didn’t want cool air blowing on her.

So our menu for this shortened week is the following.  All new things we are trying – I enjoy trying new recipes, it keeps cooking from getting boring and monotonous.  I also like the idea of building up my meal box so that I have plenty of  “go-to” meals in the future.

Tuesday:  Sesame Encrusted Baked Chicken Tenders with Roasted Corn – this was really good, got a thumbs up from everyone, Wade said it was a keeper!

Wednesday:  Barbacoa Beef (man I miss Chipotle, I hope it tastes just like it)

Thursday:  Stir Fry Chicken with Corn  Relish (this is actually a shrimp dish, but I’m going to use chicken instead because I don’t like peeling shrimp!)

Have a happy shortened work week!

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