Menu Plan Monday – Easy Week

I had an easy time with menu planning this week, which is always nice.  Wade is off on a business trip, so even though that would usually mean take-out for me, I’m still on my cruise diet and ate too much crap this weekend, so I have to figure out something to cook tonight.  We are also missing Emelyn, since she’s with my mom until tomorrow, so Hayden and I are on our own.

Monday – 7 Layer Dip Tostadas – we’ll do them without meat today so I don’t really have to cook, or I could use our leftover Barbacoa Beef (which was absolutely delicious, we all loved it.  I actually put it on biscuits for the kids that we had leftover from the morning and told them it was roast beef LOL … Hayden brought one for lunch the next day!)

Tuesday – Crockpot Chicken Fajitas – this is a recipe I pulled to cook in the last couple of weeks, but never got around to, so we’ll try it this week

Wednesday – Inside Out Lasagna – another one from weeks past that didn’t get made and I already have a couple of the ingredients that I won’t use in anything else (ricotta cheese)

Thursday – 7 Layer Dip Tostadas – I’ll go ahead and have these again since Wade missed out on Monday and this time I’ll add some turkey taco meat

Hope everyone has a great week!

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