Swim Lessons

Hayden took his swim lessons early in the summer during summer camp.  They would take him out of camp every day for 2 weeks, for an hour.  He was already very good at swimming but I wanted him to learn a few more ways – various strokes and such.  He learned how to front stroke, glide, backstroke and a few other things.  I’m so proud of how well he swims now and how much he loves it.  I’m considering continuing the lessons for a few more summers to see if he is interested  in swimming as an extracurricular activity.  Maybe we’ll have a little Michael Phelps in the family :-)

This year was Emelyn’s first real swim lessons.  We took a mommy and me class last year but she wouldn’t really participate much, mostly b/c I was the one trying to get her to do things.  I think Wade putting up the pool in our backyard really helped her become comfortable in the water.  I was kind of nervous at first b/c she wouldn’t even let me go if she had floaties on but once she spent some time in our pool, she was dunking her head under water and had become pretty brave.

The first day of lessons, she had a substitute teacher that did a few pretty advanced things with her.  She pushed her under water and made her retrieve rings from the bottom, which shocked me a little but Emelyn didn’t cry.  She just told the teacher she didn’t want to do it again.  The 2nd day, she also did really well but the 3rd day, I don’t know what happened.  She had a different teacher again and they started making her swim to the wall on top of the water, which she absolutely hated.  She cried and cried and the director had to take her and try to calm her down.  She was able to do a few things with her, but not too much.  I was a bit disappointed after that lesson, but when she went back, it was her regular teacher, who was able to talk to her and figure out what she was ok with doing.  Surprisingly, she would swim to the wall under the water but not on top of the water.  She still won’t tread water or try to swim while keeping her head up, but she swims under the water like a little fish!  She loved swimming lessons and was sad when they ended last week.  I brought my camera one day and caught some action shots of her:

She loved using these barbells to swim with:

Jumping in to her teacher:

She never liked this part much and still won’t do it when I try in our pool:

Swimming under water to the side of the pool:

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