Hayden has really gotten into Legos this summer.   It started last year when he got some sets for his birthday, then he got a few more for Christmas.  I made him a Lego table earlier this year to help contain them all and over the summer, he has spent countless hours in his room creating “inventions” as he calls them.  Its fascinating when he bring it to me to look at and he explains what every little detail does – this is the motor and this is where they sit and this is a torpedo, etc.  I just love how creative he is!  The unfortunate part of this is that he doesn’t take any of them apart, so his Lego table is covered with inventions, there is no more room for him to work and soon enough, he’ll actually run out of Legos!  He has no problem taking apart the “sets” that he’s gotten, like the Hogwarts castle we spent over an hour building, it was taken apart not long after!  He’s even got Emelyn into building – she has her own pink container of Legos and she sits in his room with him, watching TV and creating inventions as well!

This is the only set that he hasn’t taken apart yet:

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