Hurricane Isaac

4am. The storm made its 2nd landfall about an hour ago right about Fourchon. Looks like the the eye is going to move right over us. Isaac is said to be a category 1. This is actually the first real storm that I’ve really experienced, particularly since living on my own. Right now, we still have power and direct tv, which is kind of amusing since the satellite tends to go out if it sprinkles on a normal day.

As Far as conditions, I’m hearing a constant roaring of wind with frequent gusts. The whole house seems to be creaking, the rain is pelting the windows and although I slept for a few hours earlier, I dont think I can fall asleep now. This storm is very slow moving and has all but stalled where it is.

Power went out again briefly; it’s gone off a handful of times but always comes right back

5am and still insane. The power has been out for good about 30 minutes or so. The wind is still really loud and scary. I’m lying in the dark, listening to my family snore and sleep peacefully while my heart pounds every time a stronger gust comes through. I’m so angry that I didn’t persist with boarding up the windows, but we also didn’t expect it to be this bad. A lot of reports are saying this has to be higher than a cat 1 because of pressure and wind speed. I guess we will know more when it’s said and done. I’m just willing daylight to get here so I can see what’s going on and hopefully retreat to a room without windows, or at the very least, the back of the house since the wind is blowing right at the bedroom windows.



Around 6:30 when it started to lighten, the only damage I really saw was the kids’ playhouse tipped over onto our back fence. It’s a pretty massive playhouse so I’m sure that fence is messed up. I finally fell back asleep closer to 7 when things died down a bit. It’s now 9am and we are in the eye of the storm so things have died down considerably. Unfortunately, wade has been keeping an eye on the water levels down by the camp (myrtle grove) and he water has risen several feet in the last couple of hours. Wade estimates there could be 2 feet in the camp and with it only going up, it could get much worse. The boats and the ranger could be gone. Worst of all are the personal items of wade’s dad that are still down there :(


2:40. The eye sat over us for hours today. No winds or rain, felt like any regular overcast day. We watched a movie, the kids played Legos, we had sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. The weather is just starting back up again, this time the backend and winds from the south. The officials say this will be the worst of it, so we will see. At least it will. E mostly daylight, not quite as scary that way (I hope!). The kids are working on a pinterest project with another one lined up. We are in for another long night.


The only casualty so far!

A few more pics from the last few days:

Hayden said this is his “hurricane face”


The humidity was so high and the kids were playing in the rain a bit so Em’s hair was in ringlets. Here is her hurricane hair


Emelyn slept through everything last night



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