Guess who’s back?!

Its been 6 years since I’ve done anything with this blog, but with all the traveling we’ve done this year, I’m really excited to start documenting our family again.  I think its so important to keep these memories fresh and make sure they are recorded for our kids in the future.  I always love going back and reading posts from years ago and laughing or reminiscing about those times in our lives; poignant memories from when the kids were babies, those times when the nights were sleepless and the days were long; when we didn’t think we’d ever make it out of the “Terrible Two’s” alive.  I know we have many, many challenges ahead of us, but I feel like we’ve come to a point in our lives where we can sit back and enjoy things a little more – the kids are a lot more independent but they still want to be around us.  How much longer will we be able to enjoy family movie nights, weekend canoe trips and 10 day road trips before the kids don’t like us anymore?

This summer was one of the best we’ve had (although I think I feel that way every year!)   We took some amazing vacations and made some wonderful, lasting memories together – I don’t want to let those feelings slip by without documenting them.  I want to be able to look back in 6 more years and remember how it feels at this moment.  I have 2 amazing kids who are kind, funny and smart.  I couldn’t ask for better children.  Yes, we’ve got our challenges for sure and things are not always easy, but I feel incredibly lucky and, as cliche’ as it is, #blessed.

So with that, its on to document the last 8 or so months … I hope you enjoy keeping up with the Heyl family!

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2011 Birthday Party

As I’m sitting here planning the kids’ party for this year, I tried to find their pics from last year and realized I’d never posted them!  I put so much time into that last party and had so much fun planning it that I jut have to post the pictures, even if it is almost a year later!

Since the kids’ birthdays are only 10 days apart, I have had their parties together sine Emelyn was born and sometimes its hard to figure out a theme for them.  Some of the ones we’ve done in the past we did Mickey and Minnie and Dr. Seuss.  This year will be a circus / carnival theme (something they agreed on, thank goodness!  I didn’t want to figure out how to combine Ninjago and princesses LOL)

There are quite a few photos so I’ll just post a gallery and describe the details!

The favors were bandanas tied with brown string with tags; inside were various camping toys (flashlight, whistle, glow stick, snack mix, etc).  The cake table was the main decoration.  Dana made the cake, which I wanted to be simple – chocolate cake covered in “dirt” with the little camping scene on top.  I made lots of s’mores treats including smore cookies, popcorn and candy.  I also made “Swamp Water” in empty Starbucks bottles.  (Those glass bottles are expensive to purchase!)  The table was decorated in burlap, fabric that coordinated with the colors, leaves and rocks, lanterns and cardboard numbers covered with moss.  The platters were spay painted brown (clear platters that I spray painted on the bottom so it wasn’t near the food)  Those were also decorated with moss.  Cardboard boxes covered in brown paper were also used to elevate food.  I also made a banner for behind the cake.

There were various activities set up around the yard which included Arts and Crafts (projects purchased from Oriental Trading – color and create a teepee or canoe and scratch leaves), obstacle course, Nature Hunt (cards with photos of items to search for, plastic bugs, leaves and rocks were scattered in yard for kids to find), S’mores station that included different flavored graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate candy which the kids “roasted” over those cans of fire that you light and put under food (I can’t think of what they are called).  Each kid was given a sash and as the activities were completed they were given a badge sticker.  At the end, they received one large sticker for their sash.  Everyone loved it and the kids had a blast!

The party was so much fun and I have no clue how I’m going to top it this year!

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Hurricane Isaac

4am. The storm made its 2nd landfall about an hour ago right about Fourchon. Looks like the the eye is going to move right over us. Isaac is said to be a category 1. This is actually the first real storm that I’ve really experienced, particularly since living on my own. Right now, we still have power and direct tv, which is kind of amusing since the satellite tends to go out if it sprinkles on a normal day.

As Far as conditions, I’m hearing a constant roaring of wind with frequent gusts. The whole house seems to be creaking, the rain is pelting the windows and although I slept for a few hours earlier, I dont think I can fall asleep now. This storm is very slow moving and has all but stalled where it is.

Power went out again briefly; it’s gone off a handful of times but always comes right back

5am and still insane. The power has been out for good about 30 minutes or so. The wind is still really loud and scary. I’m lying in the dark, listening to my family snore and sleep peacefully while my heart pounds every time a stronger gust comes through. I’m so angry that I didn’t persist with boarding up the windows, but we also didn’t expect it to be this bad. A lot of reports are saying this has to be higher than a cat 1 because of pressure and wind speed. I guess we will know more when it’s said and done. I’m just willing daylight to get here so I can see what’s going on and hopefully retreat to a room without windows, or at the very least, the back of the house since the wind is blowing right at the bedroom windows.



Around 6:30 when it started to lighten, the only damage I really saw was the kids’ playhouse tipped over onto our back fence. It’s a pretty massive playhouse so I’m sure that fence is messed up. I finally fell back asleep closer to 7 when things died down a bit. It’s now 9am and we are in the eye of the storm so things have died down considerably. Unfortunately, wade has been keeping an eye on the water levels down by the camp (myrtle grove) and he water has risen several feet in the last couple of hours. Wade estimates there could be 2 feet in the camp and with it only going up, it could get much worse. The boats and the ranger could be gone. Worst of all are the personal items of wade’s dad that are still down there :(


2:40. The eye sat over us for hours today. No winds or rain, felt like any regular overcast day. We watched a movie, the kids played Legos, we had sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. The weather is just starting back up again, this time the backend and winds from the south. The officials say this will be the worst of it, so we will see. At least it will. E mostly daylight, not quite as scary that way (I hope!). The kids are working on a pinterest project with another one lined up. We are in for another long night.


The only casualty so far!

A few more pics from the last few days:

Hayden said this is his “hurricane face”


The humidity was so high and the kids were playing in the rain a bit so Em’s hair was in ringlets. Here is her hurricane hair


Emelyn slept through everything last night



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